The Shadow of the Gods • 2022 • Epic Fantasy novel by John Gwynne

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Synopsis: It is 300 years after the twilight of the gods, when the gods killed each other. Their tainted children, all those who have the blood of the gods within them, life as thralls in the Norse land of Vigrið. 

The story follows three warriors: Varg is a former thrall who seeks revenge for the murder of his sister, if only he knew them. He is about to find a new home among a group of mercenaries called the Bloodsworn. Orka is a mother and a warrior on a mission to find her kidnapped son and take vengeance. Elvar seeks battle-fame and an undying name among another group of mercenaries, the Battle-Grim, who hunt trolls and other tainted because they give good money.

“You are Berak Bjornasson, and the blood of the dead god Berser
flows in your veins. You are Tainted, you are Berserkir, and you are
wanted by three jarls for murder, blood-debt and weregild. And
now you are mine,” Agnar said, and smiled. “You will fetch a fine

All three have some mystery in their past which unfolds only late in the story.

Review: Shadow of the Gods starts a new series, The Bloodsworn Saga, by John Gwynne. I haven’t read anything yet by this prolific author, but it shows that this isn’t his first novel. One can literally feel how much Gwynne, a Viking re-enactor, loves the Nordic way of living with all its mythology.

He sprinkles his love with a lot of world-building, stuffed with Islandic terms and sentences. You’ll find blóð svarið, a blood oath, or nålbinding caps, and other terms similarly like the typical Nordic trope of blood eagles. The only negative thing I can say about strange terms is Gwynne’s notion of “thought-cage” for the mind – he uses it so often, 70 times in summary, and each time it drew me out of the immersion.

Magic goes through runes and Icelandic sentences: 

Blóð drekans, lík rífa, voldugur, sameina og binda, brenna þessa hindrun,
opna leið fyrir herra okkar

The reader doesn’t need to know the meaning (though my ebook reader readily translates them on the fly), but they let you immerse yourself in this world just like all the well-chosen names do. Those battle descriptions with shield-walls, stabbing spears, wounds, shouts will suck you in and provides a sense of reality opposing the otherwise clear Fantasy setting.

It’s not exactly our mediaeval Viking world. The gods of Vigrið were real there, magic is happening right now, and their god-blood gives the Tainted advantages in battle that others can only dream of. It is an original world, mixing elements from Bernard Cornwell’s Last Kingdom series (including “arselings”), and Viking’s Lagertha and Ragnar Lothbrok plus a lot of magic and gods. A world which is as beautiful as cold, and Gwynne invites you to live within its snowy landscapes.

Gwynne takes his sweet time setting up the novel. Not that there aren’t enough fights, sense-of-wonder, or suspense in the first half. But the story doesn’t clarify, where all is heading to, why there are three characters, and what they have to do with each other. While this might sound slow, it isn’t: the story sucked me in and kept me on my toes from start to finish. Towards the end I pushed through in a marathon read, because I couldn’t put it down anymore.

All three main characters are interesting, and well-motivated. Some readers will prefer Orka as a tough mother, and the only one fighting for her own instead of being part of a warband. Elvar’s story is slower in the first half and really takes speed in the second half. For me, it was Varg and his way into the Bloodsworn mercenaries. Both groups of mercenaries have secondary characters which are fully fleshed out and have interesting stories of their own right. They remember me of Glen Cook’s Black Company. Yes, it’s a harsh and dark world, full of murder, aggression and fighting.

I’m very looking forward to the second book in the Bloodsworn saga, The Hunger of Gods, which is about to appear this April. 

Highly recommended for fans of darker, epic fantasy with multiple point of views, full of scary monsters, magic, and gods. 

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Quantum of Nightmares • 2022 • Urban Fantasy novel by Charles Stross

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Synopsis: Quantum of Nightmares is the sequel to Dead Lies Dreaming, set in an alternate London in the Laundry Files universe, but with a fresh start of characters and topics.

The book takes up exactly at the point where it left Dead Lies Dreaming: Eve Starkey sent her boss Rupert into oblivion. Now she’s in charge of the company. Searching through a secret stash she finds out that her boss has set up lethal magical and physical traps for her. He wants to get back from literal hell through some occult ritual involving human sacrifices. The order’s base where such a ritual will be conducted is located on one of the smaller Channel Islands modelled after Sark. Rupert bought the island and profits from its feudal governance with mediaeval laws. She gets help from her brother and his heist gang, the “Lost Boys”, just like in the first novel.

There is also Wendy Deere who investigates a London-based supermarket chain. They are testing bleeding-edge technology, robots automatically boning livestock and feeding the meat into a 3D printer which produces customer-specific meat products.

Eventually they plan to have vats full of animal tissue culture in every branch, feeding it to 3D printers on the deli counter – meat products without animal cruelty and the risk of another Mad Cow Disease epidemic.

Just wait for those mincemeat golems (no, that’s no joke) called “meat puppets” to replace the expensive human workforce!

A third plot line involves Mary, stepping in as a nanny for the children of two superheroes who are about to leave for some super-urgent mission abroad. Now, that one isn’t a cute Poppins at all, but she has the mission to kidnap the kids. If only the children wouldn’t have powers of their own, the job would be far easier.

The little girl’s face was buried against the side of her neck like an infant vampire, but her quivering shoulders signaled manipulative sobbing rather than sanguinary suckling.

Review: Stross kept the comical style from the first novel, but strengthened the horror aspect by a multitude. When it was light horror in the predecessor, it includes absolute disgusting details up to projectile vomiting here. You have a sensitive stomach? Do yourself a favor and don’t dive into this novel’s guts and bloods. The synopsis’s hint of meat production should be enough to figure out what I’m talking about. If you get any Sweeney Todd vibes, that’s totally intentional!

There are a lot of funny situations and dialogues where I had to laugh out loud. They just couldn’t counter the super bad feelings I’ve got from the nauseating descriptions.

Usually, when I soldier through such revolting parts and make it past the halfway-through mark, I continue to the end. This novel had a special, extremely uncomforting and disgusting sentence at around 75% for me:

Remember, work sets you free!

If anyone of you doesn’t recognize this idiom, let me tell you that it’s a Nazi slogan “Arbeit macht frei” at the entrance of concentration camps.

This crossed a red line. Coming out of nowhere, without context, this idiom isn’t funny at all, and I consider it unacceptable to include it that way. 

I could barely go on. 

Mind you, the novel has its qualities. It’s a fast page-turner, a superhero thriller with Cthulhu vibes, just like the first volume. But Stross turned up the volume of all the elements I hate, especially of horror and disgust factor. If you like those and you’re not especially sensitive about holocaust, then you will like this book.

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A Practical Guide to Conquering the World • 2022 • Military Fantasy novel by K.J. Parker


Synopsis: We follow the improbable quest of translator Felix, on his way from suddenly being the last of all Robur (read: Byzantines) at the court of the Echmen (read: Chinese) emperor, savior of the barbarian people called Hus (read: Mongolians), founding a new religion, becoming a prophet, to conquering the empire of the Echmen and then of the rest of the world. 

Felix inadvertently saves a young princess of the Hus from being executed by the Echmen by pointing out a translation error. 

The Echmen are extremely focused on paperwork and procedures, and when they find out that the Robur people have been extinguished (as described in the previous two volumes of this trilogy), there is no need for a Robur embassy anymore. Felix’s boss and colleagues are killed and only he is spared, because he’s adopted by the Hus out of gratefulness. That’s how he became entangled with their fate. 

The next step is that the Echmen want to build a huge Wall (read: the Chinese Wall) at their border, and they need people for doing the job. It’s only logical that they slaughter the Hus leadership and enslave the Hus people. This leaves the princess as the queen. Felix has to rescue her once again out of the palace. 

One might think, that all this rescuing sets up the two for a big romance. But the author has different plans for Felix. First of all, he isn’t up to the task of romancing around anymore, caused by reasons which led to his exile at the Echmen court. Secondly, the princess is one hell of a young adult. 

Review: This is the third book in the Siege trilogy, which started with Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City, where snarky and nerdy Orhan rescued the Robur city from invasion, followed by How To Rule An Empire and Get Away With It featuring professional liar Notkar playing the game of “Sudden Emperor”. 

I wouldn’t recommend reading this novel as a standalone, because there are several tight references especially at the end of this book to the other two. Also, and this is already a summary of this book, I enjoyed the first novel far better than this one.

In general, the story has the author’s trademark elements. A snarky, funny first person protagonist stumbling through one difficulty after the other on his implausible crazy journey. The quasi-mediaeval world, almost but not exactly resembling our own. No magic at all. A fast flowing plot with lots of funny moments. In contrast to the other two novels, this one isn’t bounded with a close environment like the walls of the City, but opens up to the whole world. Yes, you will have armies shuffling around in strategical and tactical movements, battlefield tricks playing out, and you will get to know several different kinds of people, including the Swiss. 

A lot of these battles and tricks are references to history, and neither Felix nor the author shy away:

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, plagiarism is practically a declaration of love.

While this standard recipe usually works very well for me, I had several issues this time, lessening my reading experience:

  • I didn’t like the main protagonist like I loved Orhan from book one. Where Orhan was a petty criminal turned capable savior, Felix is far too often a self-centric, blithering, unsympathetic person. I could very well feel with sidekick talking to Felix: “I’ve met some real arseholes in my time […] but you’re something else, you know that? You’re so full of shit I don’t knwo how you live with yourself.”
  • at the start of each chapter, there always was a longer excursion from the main plot, often with some info dump. I found my mind wandering which is always a bad sign, before jumping back to the story. To cite Felix commenting about himself: “it’s like they say in medicine, the dose makes the poison. Unfortunately, I come with the story. You want one, you’re goint to have to put up the other.
  • Felix’s story and the overall story of the Robur didn’t come to a final conclusion, and the ending was a letdown for me. 

I also understand that there are reviewers who had issues how Parker addressed and embedded PoC in his three books. If you’re sensitive, you might want to avoid this book.

Those were minor issues, and overall I liked the book, just not in the way of the first two, and I would still recommend it. If you’ve read the first two, you won’t want to miss this concluding book, anyway. It was good for many giggles with its deadpan humor, and it’s a really fast-paced read.

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The Player of Games • 1988 • Space Opera novel by Iain M. Banks


Rating: 4 out of 5.

First Sentence: 

This is the story of a man who went far away for a long time, just to play a game. The man is a game-player called “Gurgeh”. The story starts with a battle that is not a battle, and ends with a game that is not a game.
Me? I’ll tell you about me later.

Seriously, the author loves to play games with the reader 🙂

Synopsis: The story follows Culture citizen Jernau Morat Gurgeh, a famous player of board games. He’s bored with his life on his home Orbital, and just parties around with his human and drone friends. 

One of his drone friends, Mawhrin-Skel, manages to blackmail Gurgeh into accepting an offer from Culture’s secrect police called “Special Circumstances (SC)”. They want him to participate in a very complex game called “Azad”.

This game isn’t played in the political sphere of the Culture, but in a far-away Empire of Azad, located in the Small Magellanic Cloud. The game Azad is the basis for the Empire, players win political status and social ranks through it, and the Emperor himself is the one player winning the game. The players define their philosophy and political targets by playing it.

Now, SC has kept contact to the Empire secret for some 70 years, but they see now the chance to introduce one of their citizens as a player in the tournament which will once again find the next Emperor.  

Gurgeh learns to play the game on his two years journey to the Empire’s home planet Eä. He’s accompanied only by one diplomatic drone Flere-Imsaho.

Gurgeh more or less flies through the qualifications which is already a shock for the Empire. They thought that he would loose his first match already. Along the way, Gurgeh learns about the highly oppressive nature of the Empire, and several other dark and cruel aspects like snuff channels for the high society, life torturing of prisoners and similar atrocities.

He’s matched against ever more capable and important opponents, and there are attempts on his life and other blackmailing actions. Nevertheless, he participates in the final rounds on a different planet Echronedal, the “Fire Planet” which has an everlasting firewall going around the planet’s circular continent. 

Review: Just recently, I’ve read the first Culture novel from Iain M. Banks, Consider Phlebas (review), and I really liked it. It’s very similar with Player of Games, not because it’s the same thing in different colours, but because it’s very different.

First of all, it feels more like an extended novella than a typical representative of the Space Opera subgenre. Compare it’s 300 pages to some other huge doorstoppers (looking at you, Mr Reynolds!), and you know what I mean.

Throughout the whole novel, I couldn’t identify with the one defining core element of the narration: the game Azad, which is an extrapolation of chess. I simply don’t believe that future games, culture-defining games would be board games. Of course, Banks hadn’t got any The Last of Us, World of Warcraft, or similar video games at the time of writing. But still, there were team-oriented role playing games around, and in the one case where Gurgeh participated in one of the first person shooter simulations, he disregarded them as uninteresting. Also, the “facing opponents” part works out very differently in our COVID-19 world. Even the pen&paper RPGs happen remotely these days. In those regards, the novel doesn’t feel fresh or relevant, it’s got a nostalgic touch. Which I liked, mind you, and I was easily able to ignore my second thoughts about them during the reading experience.  

The novel once again focuses on a single protagonist in tight third person. It doesn’t have sidekick protagonists to speak of. Yes, there are the friends of Gurgeh, especially several named drones exposing interesting personalities, but none of them steal Gurgeh’s show. Mind you, they aren’t pale or uninteresting, quite the contrary, but still, they don’t take much screen-time to be noteworthy. It’s really a one-man show. 

I can already hear the outcry “oh, that’s soooo last millenium to have an entitled white man dominating the show”. Well, it isn’t, because Gurgeh is a PoC, which causes him a lot of resentment from the racist Azad people. And also, all those Culture people constantly change their gender on a whim. I guess, everyone of the Culture is a transgender. Which, again, is considered highly offensive at the homophobic Azad.

Banks makes a decided statement about sexuality in this novel – I didn’t like that one too much, because it was too heavy-handed for my taste, and too obvious, too easy.

This is already one of the core features of this novel, differentiating it from others:

  • It’s clearly structured with chapters orienting on the tournament just like a sports story.
  • It doesn’t have multiple points of view (with some very minor exceptions)
  • It doesn’t jump around in time (contrasting for example Use of Weapons, the third in the series)
  • It has a single main protagonist Gurgeh who isn’t highly relatable but very interesting to read about
  • It has several very clear philosophical statements about racism, sexism, torture, and free will. 

For my taste, it’s lacking a certain finesse and is clearly dedicated for ease of accessibility to a broader reading public. 

I really like the unobstructed flow through the novel, and could easily rush through it, just like the first Culture novel. That is a quality I often call “unputdownable” which hit me in only three reading sessions.  

As a side-note, the mysterious figure from the “first sentence” was very easily identifiable, as was the general plot line and the question “what would Culture’s AIs achieve with involving Gurgeh”. 

In summary, I loved how Banks made a statement how he write a very easy novel which doesn’t lack statements about our own society. It’s not a masterpiece but solid craft and well worth your reading time. Highly recommended!

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Level up! 1000 blog posts

1,000 Posts

As a RPG gamer, I always think that the first few levels are intentionally easy, but having past the first ten level ups, things get more difficult.

The One-thousandth blog post!

To celebrate it, I’ve written a review for J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fall of Gondolin. I also invested a couple of hours producing two new overview posts for all reviews on this blog:

That was a huge mess of work, because WordPress doesn’t have a good system for meta data, like “publication date” or “author last name”. Luckily, most of these relevant information were in my review titles, and I only had to develop an algorithm in Excel to carve out the fields after having it exported. I learned a lot that way!

1000 blog posts is a huge number. Let me elaborate it:

Nearly all of the posts – 937 – are reviews. I don’t post much fluff (like this fun level-up posts), it is really dedicated to reviews. 

  • 686 story reviews (short stories, noveletts, and novellas)
  • 159 novel reviews
  • 72 anthologies and collection reviews
  • 20 non-fiction book reviews

I began this blog in 2014 after realizing that GoodReads doesn’t handle short story reviews nicely. The first problem was that reviews are restricted in size. That’s usually no problem, but for larger collections where I wanted to write one review for every story, it became a burden. The next issue was that GoodReads policy is to delete entries which aren’t books. Moderators often enough deleted short story reviews together with their entry. That’s when I decided to search for a safe spot for short story reviews.

Nearly at the same time, I started requesting ARCs from NetGalley, and this blog came in handy for writing reviews also for novels. 

Up to this time, GoodReads was my main site for writing novel reviews. 

Then, a reviewing slump hit me between 2017 and the end of 2019. 

Since 2020, this blog is my main site for reviews. 

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All My Reviews for Books

You can find reviews for the first 1000 posts collected on this page. Reviews for stories are on a separate page.

This blog doesn’t cover all the books I’ve read, nor all the books I’ve reviewed.
It started in 2014 as a center for short story reviews for a couple of anthologies, because GoodReads couldn’t handle those, and moderators often enough deleted them. At the same time, I started requesting ARCs from NetGalley, and this blog came in handy for the mandatory reviews. I had a reviewing slump starting in 2017 up to 2019 and wrote only very few posts at all in those years.
Starting in 2020, I switched to this blog as the main source for reviews of all sorts.


Title with Link to Review Author(s) Publication Year Genre and Category Blog Post Date
Die Flüsse von London Ben Aaronovitch 2011 Urban Fantasy 22.08.2020
The Goblin Emperor Katherine Addison 2014 Gaslight Fantasy novel 29.04.2015
The Witness for the Dead Katherine Addison 2021 Gaslight Fantasy novel 22.07.2021
Finches of Mars Brian W. Aldiss 2015 SF novel 01.05.2015
Gridlinked Neal Asher 2001 Space Opera novel 06.10.2021
The Water Knife Paolo Bacigalupi 2015 CliFi novel 24.01.2016
Consider Phlebas Iain M. Banks 1987 Space Opera novel 12.12.2021
Call of the Bone Ships (Tide Child #2) RJ Barker 2020 High Fantasy novel 27.11.2020
A Caller’s Game J.D. Barker 2021 Thriller 22.02.2021
The Last Unicorn, Two Hearts Peter S. Beagle 1968 Fantasy novel and novelette 09.03.2021
The Unfinished Land Greg Bear 2021 Fantasy novel 15.02.2021
The Demolished Man Alfred Bester 1951 SF novel 07.05.2015
The Demolished Man Alfred Bester 1953 SF novel 23.10.2021
I’m Waiting for You And Other Stories Kim Bo-Young 2021 Collection 06.04.2021
Driftwood Marie Brennan 2020 Fantasy novel 14.08.2020
Red Rising: Das dunkle Zeitalter – Teil 1 Pierce Brown 2019 SF Roman 02.05.2020
The Galaxy, and the Ground Within Becky Chambers 2021 Space Opera 18.02.2021
Record of a Spaceborn Few Becky Chambers 2018 Space Opera novel 02.01.2021
Downbelow Station C.J. Cherryh 1981 Space Opera novel 04.10.2021
Cyteen #1-3 C.J. Cherryh 1989 Space Opera novel 05.10.2021
Black Water Sister Zen Cho 2021 Urban Fantasy novel 10.06.2021
The Walking Dead – Taifun Wesley Chu 2021 post-apokalyptischer Thriller-Roman 11.03.2021
The Three-Body Problem Liu Cixin 2014 SF novel 29.04.2015
A Master of Djinn Phenderson Djèlí Clark 2021 Steampunk novella 19.08.2021
The City and the Stars Arthur C. Clarke 1956 SF novel 12.03.2015
Rendezvous With Rama Arthur C. Clarke 1973 SF novel 11.05.2015
Piranesi Susanna Clarke 2020 Speculative fiction novel 04.10.2020
Engine Summer John Crowley 1979 Post-post apocalyptic novel 04.12.2021
Babel-17 Samuel Delany 1966 SF novel 07.05.2015
The Einstein Intersection Samuel R. Delany 1967 SF Novel 22.01.2021
The Man in the High Castle Philip K. Dick 1962 SF novel 01.06.2015
Ubik Philip K. Dick 1969 SF novel 01.06.2015
Attack Surface Cory Doctorow 2020 Near Future SF novel 01.10.2020
All the Light We Cannot See Anthony Doerr 2014 Historical Fiction novel 28.10.2021
How to Mars David Ebenbach 2021 Planetary Romance novel 25.05.2021
The Hair Carpet Weavers Andreas Eschbach 1995 SF novel 06.08.2020
Eines Menschen Flügel Andreas Eschbach 2020 Science Fantasy Roman 30.09.2020
How to They/Them Stuart Getty 2020 Non-fiction novel 29.09.2020
Neuromancer William Gibson 1984 Cyberpunk novel 28.12.2020
The Peripheral William Gibson 2014 Time Travel novel 16.01.2021
Agency William Gibson 2020 Cyberpunk/Zeitreise-Roman 21.01.2021
The Conductors Nicole Glover 2021 Urban Fantasy novel 05.03.2021
Trafalgar Angélica Gorodischer 1979 SF novel 04.08.2020
Ammonite Nicola Griffith 1992 Planetary Romance 02.04.2021
Hild Nicola Griffith 2013 Historical Fiction novel 11.09.2021
The Dispossessed Ursula K. Le Guin 1975 SF novel 17.05.2015
The Midnight Library Matt Haig 2020 Magical Realism Novel 05.09.2021
The Forever War Joe Haldeman 1975 SF novel 07.05.2015
The Once and Future Witches Alix E. Harrow 2020 Fantasy novel 15.10.2020
The Door into Summer Robert A. Heinlein 1956 SF novel 03.01.2016
Starship Troopers Robert A. Heinlein 1959 Military SF novel 16.10.2021
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress Robert A. Heinlein 1966 SF novel 01.06.2015
Dune Frank Herbert 1965 SF novel 11.07.2020
Dune Frank Herbert 1965 SF novel 11.07.2020
Dune Messiah Frank Herbert 1969 SF novel 23.08.2020
Im Dienst der Föderation Tanya Huff 2000 Military SF Roman 14.09.2020
The Story of the Stone Barry Hughart 1988 Fantasy Novel 04.09.2021
Steinerner Himmel N.K. Jemisin 2020 High Fantasy Roman 01.07.2020
The Fifth Season N.K. Jemisin 2015 Fantasy novel 20.02.2016
The Vanished Birds Simon Jimenez 2020 SF novel 11.08.2020
Forever Sea Joshua Phillip Johnson 2021 High Fantasy novel 19.01.2021
The Wheel of Time 1: The Eye of the World Robert Jordan 1990 Fantasy Novel 31.03.2021
The Wheel of Time 2: The Great Hunt Robert Jordan 1990 Fantasy Novel 19.06.2021
The Wheel of Time 3: The Dragon Reborn Robert Jordan 1991 Fantasy Novel 29.08.2021
The Wheel of Time 4: The Shadow Rising Robert Jordan 1992 Fantasy Novel 30.10.2021
Die Krieger der Altaii Robert Jordan 2020 High Fantasy Roman 26.03.2020
The Summer Tree Guy Gavriel Kay 1984 Fantasy novel 04.03.2021
The Space Merchants Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth 1952 SF novel 11.05.2015
The Calculating Stars (Lady Astronaut #1) Mary Robinette Kowal 2018 Alternate History novel 20.09.2021
The House of Styx Derek Künsken 2020 SF novel 16.05.2020
Schattenkämpfer Mark Lawrence 2019 Fantasy novel 19.06.2020
Ancillary Justice Anne Leckie 2013 Space Opera novel 12.10.2021
Phoenix Extravagant Yoon Ha Lee 2020 Steampunk Fantasy 31.05.2020
The Grace of Kings Ken Liu 2015 Epic Fantasy novel 25.10.2015
Der Name aller Dinge Jenn Lyons 2019 Fantasy Roman 09.01.2021
Beyond the Hallowed Sky Ken MacLeod 2021 Space Opera novel 26.11.2021
The Velocity of Revolution Marshall Ryan Maresca 2021 Dieselpunk novel 09.02.2021
The Kingdom of Liars Nick Martell 2020 High Fantasy novel 07.06.2020
The Two-Faced Queen Nick Martell 2021 Fantasy novel 25.03.2021
The Thief on the Winged Horse Kate Mascarenhas 2020 Fantasy novel 26.11.2020
I Am Legend Richard Matheson 1954 Horror novel 07.05.2015
Winter’s Orbit Everina Maxwell 2021 Sci-Fi novel 02.02.2021
Four Hundred Billion Stars Paul McAuley 1988 Planetary Romance novel SF 26.09.2021
The Quiet War Paul McAuley 2008 SF novel 31.03.2017
Star Trek Picard – Die letzte und einzige Hoffnung Una McCormack 2020 SF 27.02.2020
Dreamsnake Vonda N. McIntyre 1978 SF novel 01.09.2015
The Forgotten Beasts of Eld Patricia A. McKillip 1974 Fantasy novel 05.12.2021
Dream of Distant Shores Patricia A. McKillip 2016 Fantasy Collection 25.03.2016
Lonesome Dove Larry McMurty 1985 Western novel 15.11.2020
Dragons & Mythical Creatures Gerrie McCall, Chris McNab 2020 Fantasy picture book 14.05.2020
The City & the City China Miéville 2009 Fantasy novel 14.10.2021
A Canticle for Leibowitz Walter M. Miller 1959 SF novel 01.06.2015
Circe Madeline Miller 2018 Mythological Fiction novel 30.09.2021
Quantum Shadows L.E. Modesitt Jr. 2020 SF novel 09.05.2020
Gallowglass S.J. Morden 2020 Space Opera 10.12.2020
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Claire North 2014 Time Travel novel 04.09.2020
Sweet Harmony Claire North 2020 Near Future SF novella 22.09.2020
Noor Nnedi Okorafor 2021 Cyberpunk Africanfuturism novel 16.11.2021
Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City K.J. Parker 2019 Fantasy novel 18.08.2020
How To Rule An Empire and Get Away With It K.J. Parker 2020 Fantasy novel 20.08.2020
Schwarzer Dolch: Chroniken der Seelenfänger 1 Alexey Pehov 2016 Fantasy 16.05.2016
The Ninth Metal Benjamin Percy 2021 SF Western novel 01.06.2021
We are Satellites Sarah Pinsker 2021 Near Future SF novel 01.05.2021
Gateway Frederik Pohl 1977 SF novel 06.04.2015
Gateway (Heechee Saga #1) Frederik Pohl 1977 Space Opera novel 08.03.2021
2084 – Eine Zeitreise durch den Klimawandel James Lawrence Powell 2020 Dystopischer Roman 30.09.2020
The Fractured Void Tim Pratt 2020 Space Opera novel 03.11.2020
The Prestige Christopher Priest 1995 SF Fantasy Horror novel 12.04.2021
Der goldene Kompass Philip Pullman 1995 Sci-Fi Novel 04.06.2021
Der goldene Kompass Philip Pullman 1995 Sci-Fi Novel 04.06.2021
The Remoras Robert Reed 1994 Transhuman SF novelette 28.09.2021
Marrow Robert Reed 2000 BDO SF novel 27.09.2021
Vampire State Building Ange, Patrick Renault 2020 Vampire Graphic Novel 11.06.2020
Inhibitor Phase Alastair Reynolds 2021 Space Opera novel 26.08.2021
Black Sun Rebecca Roanhorse 2020 High Fantasy novel 04.04.2021
Antarctica Kim Stanley Robinson 1997 CliFi novel 24.05.2020
Galileo’s Dream Kim Stanley Robinson 2009 Time travel novel 23.12.2020
Aurora Kim Stanley Robinson 2015 SF novel 16.08.2015
Green Earth Kim Stanley Robinson 2015 CliFi novel 18.09.2021
New York 2140 Kim Stanley Robinson 2017 CliFi novel 19.09.2021
The Ministry for the Future Kim Stanley Robinson 2020 CliFi novel 08.10.2020
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J.K. Rowling 1998 Urban Fantasy Novel 30.05.2021
Dark One Brandon Sanderson 2021 Fantasy Graphic Novel 18.05.2021
The Tower of Fools Andrzej Sapkowski 1994 (engl. 2020) Historical fantasy novel 26.10.2020
The Collapsing Empire John Scalzi 2017 Space Operetta 02.04.2017
The Dispatcher John Scalzi 2017 novella 09.04.2017
Krieg der Klone – die Trilogie John Scalzi 2020 SF Omnibus 04.07.2020
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue V.E. Schwab 2020 Fantasy novel 06.10.2020
The Priory of the Orange Tree Samantha Shannon 2019 High Fantasy novel 07.02.2021
Hyperion Dan Simmons 1989 SF novel 07.06.2015
The Vela Yoon Ha Lee, Becky Chambers, SL Huang, and Rivers Solomon 2019 Space Opera 25.08.2020
Sorrowland Rivers Solomon 2021 Superhero novel 06.05.2021
Seveneves Neal Stephenson 2015 SF novel 31.01.2016
The Bone Shard Daughter Andrea Stewart 2020 Fantasy novel 10.09.2020
The Bone Shard Emperor Andrea Stewart 2021 Romantasy novel 25.11.2021
Dead Lies Dreaming Charles Stross 2020 Urban Fantasy novel 29.10.2020
Fearless Allen Stroud 2020 Space Opera 20.03.2020
The Binge Watcher’s Guide to the Harry Potter Films Cecilia Tan 2020 Non-fiction novel 14.06.2020
Children of Time Adrian Tchaikovsky 2015 SF novel 20.06.2015
The Doors of Eden Adrian Tchaikovsky 2020 SF novel 11.02.2020
Shards of Earth Adrian Tchaikovsky 2021 Space Opera novel 27.05.2021
Grass Sheri S. Tepper 1989 SF novel 01.06.2015
Mockingbird Walter Tevis 1980 Dystopian novel 15.06.2021
Rosewater Tade Thompson 2018 (deutsch 2020) First Contact SF Roman 22.11.2020
Central Station Lavie Tidhar 2015 Posthumanity SF novel 07.02.2016
Annihilation Jeff VanderMeer 2014 SF novel 29.04.2015
The Snow Queen Joan D. Vinge 1980 Science Fantasy novel 15.10.2021
Savage Legion Matt Wallace 2020 Military Fantasy novel 21.07.2020
Among Others Jo Walton 2011 Fantasy novel 13.10.2021
The Sword of Kaigen M.L. Wang 2018 Fantasy novel 04.01.2021
Artemis Andy Weir 2017 Hard SF novel 05.08.2017
Project Hail Mary Andy Weir 2021 Space Opera novel 09.06.2021
Ashes of the Sun Django Wexler 2020 High Fantasy novel 21.07.2020
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sing Kate Wilhelm 1976 SF novel 17.05.2015
Brothers of the Wind Tad Williams 2021 High Fantasy novel 02.11.2021
Doomsday Book Connie Willies 1992 SF novel 24.10.2021
The Fifth Head of Cerberus Gene Wolfe 1972 SF novel 07.06.2015
Peace Gene Wolfe 1975 Literary novel 17.02.2020
Doorways in the Sand Roger Zelazny 1975 SF novel 11.04.2016

Non-Fiction books

Non-fiction books are not sorted.

Title with Link to Review Author(s) Publication Year Genre and Category Blog Post Date
Tolkien at Exeter College John Garth 2014 Non-fiction biography 08.02.2016
A Beauty arrived today: The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn Paul Davies 2017 Art book 13.06.2020
The Sirens of Mars Sarah Stewart Johnson 2020 Non-fiction book 20.07.2020
Im Kernschatten des Mondes – Die unbekannten Heldinnen der NASA Margot Lee Shetterly 2020 Non fiction book 25.07.2020
Ancient Egypt [Visual Explorer Guide] Peter Mavrikis 2020 Non fiction book 16.09.2020
Wonders of the World Claudia Martin 2020 Non fiction book 13.09.2020
Licht im Dunkeln – Schwarze Löcher, das Universum und wir Heino Falcke 2020 Non fiction book 24.10.2020
Dreams of El Dorado – A History of the American West H. W. Brands 2020 History Book 04.11.2020
The Art of NASA – The Illustrations That Sold the Missions Piers Bizony 2020 Art Book 16.11.2020
Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030 Catherine Tubb & Tony Seba 2020 Non-fiction book 11.02.2021
Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control Stuart Russel 2019 Non-fiction book 23.02.2021
The Real J.R.R. Tolkien: The Man who created Middle-Earth Jesse Xander 2021 Non-fiction book 27.02.2021
William Gibson and the Future of Contemporary Culture Mitch R. Murray & Mathias Nilges 2021 Non-fiction essay anthology 15.03.2021
Final Report of the National Security Commission on AI Eric Schmidt, Robert Work 2021 Non-fiction book 19.03.2021
Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies Nick Bostrom 2014 Non-fiction book 26.03.2021
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster Bill Gates 2021 Non-fiction book 28.03.2021
For Cats Only / Nur für Katzen Pascale Weber 2021 Novelty Book 16.07.2021
The Art of Sushi Franckie Alarcon 2021 Graphic Documentary 14.12.2021
The Art and Soul of Dune Tanya Lapointe 2021 Graphic Documentary 01.01.2022
Tolkien and the Great War: The Threshold of Middle-earth John Garth 2003 Biography 04.01.2022

Anthologies and Collections

Anthologies and Collections are sorted by publication year.

Title with Link to Review Author(s) Publication Year Genre and Category Blog Post Date
The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, and Other Stories Roger Zelazny 1971 SF story collection 19.10.2014
Ten Thousand Light-Years From Home James Tiptree Jr 1973 Collection 05.08.2020
Deathbird Stories: A Pantheon of Modern Gods Harlan Ellison 1975 collection 27.05.2015
Burning Chrome William Gibson 1986 Cyberpunk collection 13.03.2021
Her Smoke Rose Up Forever James Tiptree, Jr. 1990 SF Collection 08.11.2015
Bloodchild and Other Stories Octavia E. Butler 1995 Collection 19.09.2015
Stories of Your Life and Others  Ted Chiang 2002 Collection 17.04.2020
The Dog Said Bow-Wow Michael Swanwick 2007 Collection 13.08.2014
The Best of the Best Volume 2: 20 Years of the Best Short Science Fiction Novels Gardner Dozois 2007 SF anthology 06.11.2021
The Best of Gene Wolfe: A Definitive Retrospective of His Finest Short Fiction Gene Wolfe 2009 Collection 22.08.2015
Edge of Infinity Jonathan Strahan 2012 SF anthology 10.05.2015
The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection Gardner R. Dozois 2013 SF Anthology 23.07.2014
Twelve Tomorrows 2013 MIT Technology Review 2013 SF story anthology 15.12.2014
Unfettered Shawn Speakman 2013 Fantasy story anthology edited 15.03.2015
Twelve Tomorrows 2014 MIT Technology Review 2014 SF story anthology 30.01.2015
Rogues George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois 2014 mixed genre anthology 01.05.2015
2014 Nebula Awards Announced: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2014 07.06.2015
Neverland’s Library Roger Bellini 2014 Fantasy anthology 11.09.2020
The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Nine Jonathan Strahan 2015 SF&F anthology 18.03.2015
Hannu Rajaniemi: Collected Fiction Hannu Rajaniemi 2015 SF story anthology 20.03.2015
The Year’s Best SF and Fantasy 2015 Rich Horton 2015 SF&F anthology 03.06.2015
The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Second Annual Collection Gardner R. Dozois 2015 SF Anthology 11.10.2015
A Fantasy Medley 3 Yanni Kuznia 2015 Fantasy story anthology 25.11.2015
Meeting Infinity Jonathan Strahan 2015 SF anthology 26.12.2015
2015 Hugo Nominees: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2015 26.04.2016
2015 Nebula Winners Announced: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2015 15.05.2016
The Best of the Best: 20 Years of the Year’s Best Science Fiction Gardner Dozois 2015 SF anthology 13.04.2020
The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories Ken Liu 2016 Collection 04.03.2016
Dream of Distant Shores Patricia A. McKillip 2016 Fantasy Collection 25.03.2016
The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Ten Jonathan Strahan 2016 SF&F anthology 22.02.2017
2016 Locus Recommended Reading List   2016 15.03.2017
2016 Nebula Winners Announced: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2016 25.05.2017
The Big Book of SF Ann and Jeff Vandermeer 2016 SF Anthology 18.09.2021
The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection Gardner R. Dozois 2017 SF Anthology 11.03.2017
The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Eleven Jonathan Strahan 2017 SF&F anthology 25.03.2017
The Best of Subterranean William Schafer 2017 SF&F anthology 18.06.2017
The Year’s Best SF and Fantasy 2017 Rich Horton 2017 SF&F anthology 21.06.2017
The New Voices of Fantasy Peter S. Beagle and Jacob Weisman 2017 Fantasy anthology 25.06.2017
Exhalation Ted Chiang 2019 Collection 26.04.2020
2019 Locus Recommended Reading List   2019 22.05.2020
2019 Nebula Award Winners   2019 31.05.2020
2019 Locus Finalists: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2019 21.06.2020
The Mythic Dream Dominik Parisien, Navah Wolfe 2019 Anthology 22.06.2020
Reading Project: The Very Best of the Best: 35 Years of The Year’s Best Science Fiction Gardner Dozois 2019 SF anthology 05.12.2020
The Very Best of the Best: 35 Years of The Year’s Best Science Fiction Gardner Dozois 2019 SF anthology 31.12.2020
The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Vol. 1 Jonathan Strahan 2020 Anthology 04.05.2020
My Favorites Ben Bova 2020 Collection 19.05.2020
2020 Hugo Finalists: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2020 20.06.2020
2020 Locus Awards Winners: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2020 28.07.2020
2020 World Fantasy Awards Finalists: Novels, Novellas, Short Stories   2020 28.07.2020
2020 Hugo Award Winners: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2020 02.08.2020
Interstellar Flight Magazine Best of Year One Holly Lyn Walrath 2020 SF Magazine anthology 03.08.2020
The Hidden Girl and Other Stories Ken Liu 2020 Collection 21.08.2020
Entanglements – Tomorrow’s Lovers, Families, and Friends Sheila Williams 2020 Twelve Tomorrows anthology 15.09.2020
Short Story Reading Project: The Book of Dragons Jonathan Strahan 2020 Fantasy anthology 27.09.2020
Short Story Reading Project: Escape Pod S.B. Divya and Mur Lafferty 2020 SF anthology 14.10.2020
Escape Pod S.B. Divya and Mur Lafferty 2020 SF anthology 20.10.2020
Shapers of Worlds Edward Willett 2020 SF and Fantasy anthology 14.11.2020
The Book of Dragons Jonathan Strahan 2020 Fantasy anthology 23.11.2020
Passages Mercedes Lackey 2020 Valdemar Fantasy anthology 24.11.2020
Wie künstlich ist Intelligenz? Klaus N. Frick 2020 SF Anthologie 04.12.2020
2020 Locus Recommended Reading List   2020 01.02.2021
The Best of Elizabeth Hand Elizabeth Hand 2021 Mixed Genre Collection 27.02.2021
The Best of Walter Jon Williams Walter Jon Williams 2021 Mixed Genre Collection 28.02.2021
Robot Artists and Black Swans Bruce Sterling 2021 SF collection 30.03.2021
I’m Waiting for You And Other Stories Kim Bo-Young 2021 Collection 06.04.2021
2021 Locus Award Finalists: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2021 04.05.2021
The Best of World SF Lavie Tidhar 2021 SF and Fantasy anthology 03.06.2021
2021 Locus Award Winners: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories   2021 28.06.2021
2021 Word Fantasy Award Finalists: Novels, Novellas, Short Stories   2021 25.07.2021
Seasons Between Us –  Tales of Identities and Memories Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law 2021 Anthology 08.08.2021
2021 Word Fantasy Award Winners: Novels, Novellas, Short Stories   2021 13.11.2021
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All My Reviews for Stories

You can find all the 686 reviews for short stories, novelettes, and novellas linked in the following list.
There are stories for nearly every year since the 1940s. Only a few years – 1942,43,45-48,51,56-59,61, and 1964 – are missing.
The list is sorted by author.

Story Title with Link to Review Author(s) Publication Year Genre and Category
Blog Post Date
Tough Times All Over Joe Abercrombie 2014 Fantasy novelette 17.03.2015
Two’s Company Joe Abercrombie 2016 Fantasy short story 05.03.2017
Balfour and Meriwether in the Vampire of Kabul Daniel Abraham 2011 Steampunk novelette 07.05.2017
Yuli Daniel Abraham 2020 Fantasy short story 02.10.2020
The Knack of Flying Shelley Adina 2020 Steampunk short story 05.11.2020
The Mighty Mi Tok of Beijing Brian W. Aldiss 2013 shortstory 15.12.2014
The Art of Space Travel Nina Allan 2016 SF novelette 20.03.2017
White Curtain Pavel Amnuel 2014 Alternate universes shortstory 26.09.2015
If You Take My Meaning Charlie Jane Anders 2020 Tentacle Romance novelette 20.06.2021
The Screams of Dragons Kelley Armstrong 2014 Urban Fantasy novelette 07.06.2017
The Potter of Bones Eleanor Arnason 2002 Planetary SF novella 17.12.2020
Memento Mori Madeline Ashby 2015 SF short story 24.12.2015
Nightfall Isaac Asimov 1941 SF novelette 29.12.2015
Moriabe’s Children Paolo Bacigalupi 2014 28.06.2015
Shooting the Apocalypse Paolo Bacigalupi 2014 CliFi novelette 06.09.2015
City of Ash Paolo Bacigalupi 2015 CliFi short story 17.04.2016
Mika Model Paolo Bacigalupi 2016 SF short story 03.03.2017
The Bohemian Astrobleme Kage Baker 2010 Steampunk novelette 26.04.2017
Where the Golden Apples Grow Kage Baker 2006 Mars novella 16.12.2020
The Voices of Time J. G. Ballard 1960 Dystopian novelette 15.01.2021
A Gift from the Culture Iain M. Banks 1987 Space Opera short story 11.12.2021
Coma Kings Jessica Barber 2014 Near SF short story 04.10.2015
Swift as a Dream and Fleeting as a Sigh John Barnes 2012 Science Fiction short story 08.05.2015
My Last Bringback John Barnes 2015 SF novelette 20.12.2015
Martian Heart John Barnes 2011 YA Near Future SF short story 25.12.2020
Lucky’s Dragon Kelly Barnhill 2020 Midgrade Fantasy novelette 11.10.2020
Tower of Mud and Straw Yaroslav Barsukov 2020 Gaslamp Fantasy novella 09.04.2021
Invisible Men Christopher Barzak 2012 shortstory 12.10.2014
Obelisk Stephen Baxter 2012 Science Fiction short story 10.05.2015
People Came from Earth Stephen Baxter 1999 SF short story 10.04.2020
The Invasion of Venus Stephen Baxter 2010 First contact short story 26.12.2020
Except on Saturdays Peter S. Beagle 2020 Urban Fantasy short story 12.10.2020
Covenant Elizabeth Bear 2014 Near SF short story 14.04.2015
The Deeps of the Sky Elizabeth Bear 2012 Science Fiction short story 07.05.2015
The Hand is Quicker Elizabeth Bear 2014 Near SF novelette 12.09.2015
The Heart’s Filthy Lesson Elizabeth Bear 2015 Old Venus novelette 12.05.2016
Lest We Forget Elizabeth Bear 2019 Military SF short story 04.06.2020
The Machine Starts Greg Bear 2015 Near Future novelette 15.05.2016
Blood Music Greg Bear 1983 Near Future SF novelette 08.03.2020
An Equity in Dust R. S. Belcher 2014 Vampire novelette 09.09.2020
My English Name R. S. Benedict 2017 Weird fiction novelette 31.12.2020
Aspects Gregory Benford 2015 SF short story 24.12.2015
Slipping Lauren Beukes 2014 shortstory 30.01.2015
The Green Lauren Beukes 2012 Planetary Horror short story 28.05.2021
Ashes Laura Bickle 2015 Fantasy short story 22.11.2015
Rattlesnakes and Men Michael Bishop 2015 novelette 26.04.2016
The Pile Michael Bishop 2008 Ghost short story 24.04.2017
The House of Compassionate Sharers Michael Bishop 1977 SF novelette 28.01.2021
Bears Discover Fire Terry Bisson 1990 magical realism short story 22.03.2020
Holly Black 2014 SF novelette 29.03.2015
The Dry Spell James P. Blaylock 2009 Magical Realism short story 08.06.2017
Surface Tension James Blish 1952 SF novelette 25.05.2017
The Breath of War Aliette de Bodard 2014 SF Fantasy short story 16.04.2015
The Days of the War, as Red as Blood, as Dark as Bile Aliette de Bodard 2014 Space Opera short story 30.08.2015
The Death of Aiguillon Aliette de Bodard 2015 Fantasy novelette 22.11.2015
In Blue Lily’s Wake Aliette de Bodard 2015 SF short story 26.12.2015
A Salvaging of Ghosts Aliette de Bodard 2016 SF Xuya short story 11.03.2017
Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders Aliette de Bodard 2020 Urban Fantasy novella 07.07.2020
The Last Hunt Aliette de Bodard 2020 Post-apocalyptic short story 25.10.2020
Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight Aliette de Bodard 2015 Xuya Space Opera short story 29.12.2020
Immersion Aliette de Bodard 2012 SF Xuya short story 25.04.2021
In the Lands of the Spill Aliette de Bodard 2020 Posthuman short story 06.06.2021
The Inaccessibility of Heaven Aliette de Bodard 2020 Urban Fantasy novelette 13.06.2021
Where the River Turns to Concrete Brooke Bolander 2020 Fantasy short story 05.10.2020
Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius Jorge Luis Borges 1941 Magical Realism short story 23.04.2017
Monster Slayer Ben Bova 2003 Grand Tour short story 06.05.2020
Muzhestvo Ben Bova 1992 SF short story 07.05.2020
The Great Moon Hoax, or, a Princess of Mars Ben Bova 1996 Old Mars short story 08.05.2020
We’ll always have Paris Ben Bova 2014 Main Stream Short story 08.05.2020
Inspiration Ben Bova 1994 Time Travel short story 09.05.2020
Scheherazade and the Storytellers Ben Bova 2010 Fairy Tale short story 11.05.2020
The Supersonic Zeppelin Ben Bova 2005 Near Future SF novelette 12.05.2020
Mars Farts Ben Bova 2013 Hard SF short story 14.05.2020
The Man who hated Gravity Ben Bova 1989 Near Future SF short story 15.05.2020
Sepulcher Ben Bova 1992 SF novelette 17.05.2020
The Café Coup Ben Bova 1997 Time Travel short story 18.05.2020
The Angel’s Gift Ben Bova 1984 Magical realism short story 19.05.2020
Sam and the flying Dutchman Ben Bova 2003 Grand Tour novelette 19.05.2020
Waterbot Ben Bova 2008 Grand Tour novelette 19.05.2020
Sleep Walking Now and Then Richard Bowes 2014 Science Fiction novelette 21.04.2015
September 2005: The Martian Ray Bradbury 1949 SF short story 11.05.2017
The Burial of Sir John Mawe at Cassini Chaz Brenchley 2014 Old Mars SF short story 30.08.2015
Centuries of Kings Marie Brennan 2014 Fantasy short story 27.08.2020
Insistence of Vision David Brin 2013 SF story 15.12.2014
“Shhhh. . .” David Brin 1988 First Contact SF short story 28.10.2020
City of Refuge Maurice Broaddus 2020 BLM SF short story 17.10.2020
The Machine That Would Rewild Humanity Tobias Buckell 2020 Post-Singularity short story 18.10.2020
Penric’s Demon Lois McMaster Bujold 2015 Fantasy novella 09.04.2016
Penric’s Mission Lois McMaster Bujold 2016 Fantasy novella 29.10.2017
The Woman from the Ocean Karl Bunker 2014 SF short story 06.09.2015
The Greatest of These is Hope D.J. Butler 2020 YA first contact novelette 11.11.2020
Bloodchild Octavia E. Butler 1984 SF novelette 15.09.2015
Speech Sounds Octavia E. Butler 1983 Near SF short story 19.09.2015
The Evening and the Morning and the Night Octavia E. Butler 1987 Near SF novelette 19.09.2015
Business As Usual Pat Cadigan 2014 shortfiction 31.01.2015
The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi Pat Cadigan 2012 Science Fiction novelette 07.05.2015
Roadside Rescue Pat Cadigan 1985 SF short story 16.03.2020
Variation on a Man Pat Cadigan 1984 Cyberpunk short story 24.09.2020
One Hundred Ablutions Jacqueline Carey 2015 Fantasy novelette 25.11.2015
Water Can’t be Nervous Jonathan Carroll 2012 Mainstream short story 26.05.2017
Hugo/For He Can Creep Siobhan Carroll 2019 Fairy tale 17.05.2020
Badass Moms in the Zombie Apocalypse Rae Carson 2020 Post-apocalypse short story 27.03.2021
A Consideration of Trees Beth Cato 2020 Science Fantasy short story 17.10.2020
Hugo, To Be Taught, If Fortunate Becky Chambers 2019 SF novella 06.06.2020
Pots C.J. Cherryh 1985 SF novelette 04.10.2021
The Great Silence Allora and Calzadilla and Ted Chiang 2015 First contact short story 25.04.2020
Tower of Babylon Ted Chiang 2014 Alternate Universe story 02.09.2015
Understand Ted Chiang 1991 Posthumanity novelette 05.09.2015
Story of Your Life Ted Chiang 1998 First Contact SF novella 08.09.2015
Hell is the Absence of God Ted Chiang 2001 Fantasy novelette 11.09.2015
The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling Ted Chiang 2013 Near Future SF novelette 11.06.2017
Division by Zero Ted Chiang 1991 short story 15.04.2020
Seventy-Two Letters Ted Chiang 2000 Steampunk novella 16.04.2020
The Evolution of Human Science Ted Chiang 2000 Post humanism shortstory 17.04.2020
Liking What You See: A Documentary Ted Chiang 2001 Near SF novelette 17.04.2020
What’s Expected of Us Ted Chiang 2005 Time travel shortstory 19.04.2020
The Lifecycle of Software Objects Ted Chiang 2010 Near Future SF novella 20.04.2020
Dacey’s Patent Automatic Nanny Ted Chiang 2011 Steampunk short story 21.04.2020
Exhalation Ted Chiang 2008 SF short story 22.04.2020
The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate Ted Chiang 2007 Time travel novelette 23.04.2020
Omphalos Ted Chiang 2019 Speculative fiction novelette 26.04.2020
Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom Ted Chiang 2019 Near Future SF novella 26.04.2020
It’s 2059, and the Rich Kids Are Still Winning Ted Chiang 2019 Near Future SF flash story 02.06.2020
Hikaya Sri Bujang, or The Tale of the Naga Sage Zen Cho 2020 Fantasy short fiction 29.09.2020
If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again Zen Cho 2018 Magical realism novelette 03.06.2021
The Rider Jérôme Cigut 2014 Near SF novelette 30.08.2015
Hugo/The Haunting of Tram Car 015 P. Djèlí Clark 2019 Urban Fantasy novella 27.05.2020
Ring Shout P. Djèlí Clark 2020 Historical horror novella 28.10.2020
The Angel of Khan el-Khalili Phenderson Djèlí Clark 2017 Steampunk short story 01.05.2021
A Dead Djinn in Cairo Phenderson Djèlí Clark 2016 Steampunk novelette 03.05.2021
The Nine Billion Names of God Arthur C. Clarke 1953 SF short story 30.12.2015
The Star Arthur C. Clarke 1955 Religious SF short story 07.01.2021
Beside the Damned River D. J. Cockburn 2014 SF shortstory 19.09.2015
Lions and Tigers and Girlfriends Tina Connolly 2020 SF short story 20.10.2020
Rates of Change James S. A. Corey 2015 SF novelette 20.12.2015
Drive James S.A. Corey 2012 Science Fiction short story 07.05.2015
The Butcher of Anderson Station James S.A. Corey 2011 Military SF novelette 09.11.2021
A Better Way to Die Paul Cornell 2014 Fantasy short story 03.06.2015
The Road to NPS
Sandra McDonald and Stephan D. Covey
2012 Science Fiction short story 08.05.2015
Restoring the Magic Ian Creasey 2014 Fantasy short story 06.09.2020
Snow John Crowley 1985 SF short story 16.03.2020
Stepsister Leah Cypess 2020 Fairy tale novelette 14.04.2021
A Dry, Quiet War Tony Daniel 1996
Spaghetti Western in Space novelette
Weep for Day Indrapramit Das 2012 SF novelette 23.07.2014
Kali_Na Indrapramit Das 2019 Cyberpunk short story 22.06.2020
Aye, and Gomorrah Samuel R. Delany 1967 SF short story 20.09.2020
Beyond Lies the Wub Philip K. Dick 1952 SF short story 27.05.2017
Laws of Night and Silk Seth Dickinson 2016 Fantasy short story 13.03.2017
Petard: A Tale of Just Deserts Cory Doctorow 2014 near SF short story 31.01.2015
The Man Who Sold the Moon Cory Doctorow 2014 Near SF novella 13.09.2015
Craphound Cory Doctorow 1998 Space Western short story 25.09.2020
Clockwork Fagin Cory Doctorow 2012 Steampunk novelette 19.10.2020
Season of the Soulless Betsy Dornbusch 2014 Fantasy short story 02.09.2020
Sic Him, Hellhound! Kill! Kill! Hal Duncan 2012 Urban fantasy short story 26.05.2017
One Million Lira Thoraiya Dyer 2014 Military SF short story 07.11.2020
Spaceship October Greg van Eekhout 2020 SF short story 19.10.2020
Zero for Conduct Greg Egan 2013 novelette 15.12.2014
Shadow Flock Greg Egan 2014 Near SF novelette 07.04.2015
Wang’s Carpets Greg Egan 1995
Posthuman first contact novelette
Glory Greg Egan 2007 Hard SF novelette 15.12.2020
Oceanic Greg Egan 1998 Planetary Romance novella 01.11.2021
Ife-Iyoku, the Tale of Imadeyunuagbon Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki 2020 Science Fantasy novella 20.04.2021
The Pill Meg Elison 2020 Dystopian novelette 15.04.2021
Dresses Like White Elephants Meg Elison 2020 Magical Realism short story 08.06.2021
The Long Walk Kate Elliott 2020 High Fantasy novelette 22.10.2020
The Shipping Forecast Warren Ellis 2014 near SF shortstory 31.01.2015
Along the Scenic Route Harlan Ellison 1969 Near SF short story 16.05.2015
The Whimper of Whipped Dogs Harlan Ellison 1973 magical realism short story 16.05.2015
On the Downhill Side Harlan Ellison 1972 magical realism short story 17.05.2015
Basilisk Harlan Ellison 1972 magical realism short story 19.05.2015
Neon Harlan Ellison 1973 SF short story 19.05.2015
Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes Harlan Ellison 1967 magical realism novelette 21.05.2015
Delusion for a Dragon Slayer Harlan Ellison 1966 fantasy short story 22.05.2015
Shattered Like a Glass Goblin Harlan Ellison 1968 magical realism short story 22.05.2015
Paingod Harlan Ellison 1965 magical realism short story 25.05.2015
Ernest and the Machine God Harlan Ellison 1968 magical realism short story 25.05.2015
Rock God Harlan Ellison 1969 magical realism short story 27.05.2015
Harlan Ellison 1972 magical realism novelette 27.05.2015
Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman Harlan Ellison 1965 Dystopian short story 07.04.2017
The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World Harlan Ellison 1967 SF Horror novelette 15.04.2017
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Harlan Ellison 1967 SF Horror short story 23.04.2017
The Beast that Shouted Love Harlan Ellison 1968 SFshort story 26.04.2017
A Boy and His Dog Harlan Ellison 1969 Post-apocalyptic novella 27.04.2017
He Who Grew Up Reading Sherlock Holmes Harlan Ellison 2014 Short story 09.06.2017
The Deathbird Harlan Ellison 1973 magical realism short story 27.04.2020
I’m Looking for Kadak Harlan Ellison 1974 SF novelette 30.04.2020
Croatoan Harlan Ellison 1975 Horror short story 04.05.2020
Jeffty is Five Harlan Ellison 1977 Magic Realism short story 10.01.2021
The Truth About Owls Amal El-Mohtar 2014 Fantasy short story 14.04.2015
Madeleine Amal El-Mohtar 2015 short story 28.04.2016
Seasons of Glass and Iron Amal El-Mohtar 2016 Fairy tale short story 19.03.2017
The Microscopic Giants Paul Ernst 1936 SF short story 17.04.2017
Sadness Timons Esaias 2014 Posthumanity SF shortstory 26.09.2015
The Emptiness in the Heart of All Things Fábio Fernandes 2018 Magical reality novelette 14.05.2021
What Do You Do? Gillian Flynn 2014 weird myster shortstory 17.03.2015
When It Ends, He Catches Her Eugie Foster 2014 Weird short story 16.04.2015
Younger Women Karen Joy Fowler 2011 Weird short story 11.05.2017
The Lake Was Full of Artificial Things Karen Joy Fowler 1985 Time Travel short story 02.12.2020
The Cyborg and the Cemetery Nancy Fulda 2013 shortstory 15.12.2014
Away With the Wolves Sarah Gailey 2019 Fantasy novelette 20.06.2020
Tiger Lawyer Gets It Right Sarah Gailey 2020 Surreal short story 16.10.2020
Black Dog Neil Gaiman 2015 Ghost story novelette 26.04.2016
A Thing of Beauty Dr. Charles E. Gannon 2011 First contact SF novelette 12.11.2020
The Sun from Both Sides R. S. A. Garcia 2019 Space Opera novelette 15.05.2021
Persona Joel Garreau 2014 near SF shortstory 31.01.2015
Death Cookie/Easy Ice William Gibson 2014 SF story 01.02.2015
The Winter Market William Gibson 1985 Cyberpunk novelette 18.03.2020
New Rose Hotel William Gibson 1984 Cyberpunk short story 01.01.2021
Johnny Mnemonic William Gibson 1981 Cyberpunk short story 14.01.2021
The Gernsback Continuum William Gibson 1981 SF short story 27.01.2021
Fragments of a Hologram Rose William Gibson 1977 Cyberpunk short story 08.02.2021
Hinterlands William Gibson 1981 Space Opera short story 07.03.2021
Burning Chrome William Gibson 1982 Cyberpunk novelette 12.03.2021
Touring with the Alien Carolyn Ives Gilman 2016 First contact SF novelette 14.03.2017
Nebula Winner: This Is How You Lose the Time War Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone 2019 Time travel novella 02.05.2020
Nightfall on the Peak of Eternal Light Richard A. Lovett and William Gleason 2012 novella 15.10.2014
Lambing Season Molly Gloss 2002 First contact short story 13.04.2020
Bootstrap Kathleen Ann Goonan 2013 shortstory 15.12.2014
Cimmeria: From The Journal of Imaginary Anthropology Theodora Goss 2014 Fantasy short story 14.04.2015
Red as Blood and White as Bone Theodora Goss 2016 Fairy tale novelette 23.03.2017
Fire Walker Keith Gouveia 2014 Fantasy short story 03.09.2020
Nebula Winner: Give the Family My Love A.T. Greenblatt 2019 SF short story 23.05.2020
Burn or the Episodic Life of Sam Wells as a Super A.T. Greenblatt 2020 Superhero novelette 07.04.2021
Even the Crumbs Were Delicious Daryl Gregory 2016 SF short story 11.03.2017
The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm Daryl Gregory 2008 Superhero novelette 19.12.2020
Cold Wind Nicola Griffith 2014 Fantasy short story 06.04.2015
The Day Before the Revolution Ursula K. Le Guin 1974 SF short story 06.05.2015
The Word for World Is Forest Ursula K. Le Guin 1972 SF novella 01.06.2015
Buffalo Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight Ursula K. Le Guin 1987 Magical Realism novelette 13.04.2017
The Diary of the Rose Ursula K. Le Guin 1976 Dystopian novelette 10.06.2018
Coming of Age in Karhide Ursula K. Le Guin 1995 Hainish novelette 29.03.2020
The Finder Ursula K. Le Guin 2001 Earthsea novella 21.05.2020
The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Ursula K. Le Guin 1973 Utopia short story 29.07.2020
Vaster than Empires and more Slow Ursula K. Le Guin 1971 Hainish novelette 18.09.2020
Forgiveness Day Ursula K. Le Guin 1994 Planetary Romance novella 26.10.2021
None So Blind Joe Haldeman 1994 Near Future SF short story 26.03.2020
Tricentennial Joe Haldeman 1976 Hard SF novelette 27.10.2020
The Hemingway Hoax Joe Haldeman 1990
Multidimensional Time Travel novella
Last Summer at Mars Hill Elizabeth Hand 1998 Magical realism novella 10.02.2021
Pavane for a Prince of the Air Elizabeth Hand 2002 Literary fiction novelette 11.02.2021
The Bacchae Elizabeth Hand 1991 Horror SF short story 12.02.2021
Cleopatra Brimstone Elizabeth Hand 2001 Dark Fantasy novella 13.02.2021
The Have-Nots Elizabeth Hand 1992 Magical realism short story 14.02.2021
The Maiden Flight of McCauley’s Bellerphon Elizabeth Hand 2010 Magical realism novella 16.02.2021
Elizabeth Hand 2005 Apocalyptic fiction short stories 20.02.2021
Near Zennor Elizabeth Hand 2011 Weird fiction novella 21.02.2021
The Least Trumps Elizabeth Hand 2002 Magical realism novella 24.02.2021
Illyria Elizabeth Hand 2007 Magical realism novella 26.02.2021
Boxes Nick Harkaway 2015 Near SF short story 15.11.2015
Mr. Death Alix E. Harrow 2021 Humorous ghost short story 05.01.2021
The Sycamore and the Sybil Alix E. Harrow 2020 Fantasy short story 05.06.2021
Do Not Look Back, My Lion Alix E. Harrow 2019 High Fantasy short story 13.05.2020
Game Maria Dahvana Headley 2012 Magical Realism novelette 15.04.2017
The Girlfriend’s Guide to Gods Maria Dahvana Headley 2020 short story 11.06.2021
The Chapel Perilous Kevin Hearne 2013 Fantasy novelette 22.11.2015
Goddess at the Crossroads Kevin Hearne 2015 Fantasy short story 22.11.2015
Last Breath Joe Hill 2005 Weird short story 11.05.2017
The Least of the Deathly Arts Kat Howard 2012 Fantasy short story 26.05.2017
Hugo Winner: As the Last I May Know S.L. Huang 2019 Alternate History short story 15.05.2020
Call to Arms Tanya Huff 2020 Fantasy novelette 31.10.2020
The Inn of the Seven Blessings Matthew Hughes 2014 Fantasy short story 17.03.2015
Body Politic Kameron Hurley 2015 SF short story 20.12.2015
Citizens of Elsewhen Kameron Hurley 2018 Time travel short story 14.10.2020
Drones Simon Ing 2015 SF short story 20.12.2015
Number Nine Moon Alex Irvine 2016 SF short story 11.03.2017
The Ones Who Stay and Fight N. K. Jemisin 2018 Utopia short story 29.07.2020
Red Dirt Witch N.K. Jemisin 2016 Urban Fantasy short story 22.03.2017
Emergency Skin N.K. Jemisin 2019 Transhuman SF novelette 16.05.2020
Stone Hunger N.K. Jemisin 2014 Broken Earth novelette 28.06.2020
Give Me Cornbread or Give Me Death N.K. Jemisin 2019 Science Fantasy short story 20.10.2020
The Monk of Lingyin Temple Xia Jia 2020 Near Future SF novelette 31.08.2020
Bricks, Sticks, Straw Gwyneth Jones 2012 Science Fiction short story 10.05.2015
Emergence Gwyneth Jones 2015 SF short story 23.12.2015
The Universe of Things Gwyneth Jones 1993 First Contact short story 27.09.2020
Wait for Night Stephen Graham Jones 2020 Horror short story 12.06.2021
DUMP Cristina Jurado 2018 Cyberpunk short story 17.05.2021
Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water Vylar Kaftan 2019 SF novella 30.05.2020
Someday James Patrick Kelly 2014 SF short story 15.04.2015
10 to 16 to 1 James Patrick Kelly 1999 Time travel novelette 06.04.2020
Your Boyfriend Experience James Patrick Kelly 2020 Romance SF novelette 26.08.2020
Mr. Boy James Patrick Kelly 1990 Posthumanism novella 13.01.2021
The Pure Product John Kessel 1986 Time Travel novelette 18.03.2020
Events Preceding the Helvetican Renaissance John Kessel 2009 Space Opera novelette 21.12.2020
Dancy vs. the Pterosaur Caitlín R. Kiernan 2015 Postapocalyptic short story 09.05.2016
The Prayer of Ninety Cats Caitlín R. Kiernan 2013 Dark Fantasy novelette 04.06.2017
Fisher-Bird T. Kingfisher 2019 Fantasy short story 12.06.2020
Report of Dr. Hollowmas on the Incident at Jackrabbit Five T. Kingfisher 2020 Space opera short story 14.10.2020
Metal Like Blood in the Dark T. Kingfisher (Ursula Vernon) 2020 SF Fairy Tale short story 24.04.2021
Amicae Aeternum Ellen Klages 2014 near future SF short story 30.08.2015
Pox Ellen Klages 2020 Magical realism short story 09.10.2020
A little Wisdom Mary Robinette Kowal 2020 Near Future SF short story 24.08.2020
Jaiden’s Weaver Mary Robinette Kowal 2009 YA SF short story 18.10.2020
Pathways Nancy Kress 2013 novelette 15.12.2014
Yesterday’s Kin Nancy Kress 2014 First encounter SF novella 13.04.2015
Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress 1991 Near Future SF novella 01.06.2015
Cocoons Nancy Kress 2015 SF short story 23.12.2015
Trinity Nancy Kress 1984 SF novella 11.03.2020
Invisible People Nancy Kress 2020 Near Future SF novelette 08.08.2020
Rereading Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress 1991 17.01.2021
The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye Matthew Kressel 2014 SF 16.04.2015
Cat Pictures Please Naomi Kritzer 2015 Near Future SF short story 29.04.2016
Little Free Library Naomi Kritzer 2020 Magical Realism short story 17.04.2021
Monster Naomi Kritzer 2020 Thriller novelette 17.10.2021
The Nine Curves River R. F. Kuang 2020 Fantasy short story 10.10.2020
Ghost Colours Derek Künsken 2015 SF short story 29.10.2020
Fourth Nail Mur Lafferty 2020 Posthuman SF short story 16.10.2020
The Stars Do Not Lie Jay Lake 2012 SF novella 27.09.2015
West to East Jay Lake 2014 SF shortstory 27.09.2015
A Long Walk Home Jay Lake 2011 SF novelette 16.06.2017
The Stump and the Spire Joseph R. Lallo 2014 Fantasy short story 08.09.2020
Hide and Horns Joe R. Lansdale 2009 Western novelette 28.04.2017
God Decay Rich Larson 2014 near SF short story 09.10.2015
You Make Pattaya Rich Larson 2016
Near Future SF con-men short story
Echo the Echo Rich Larson 2020 Near Future SF short story 13.08.2020
Jonas and the Fox Rich Larson 2016 YA SF novelette 30.12.2020
Bound Mark Lawrence 2019 Romance Fantasy novelette 15.06.2020
The Justified Ann Leckie 2019 Africanfuturism novelette 10.06.2020
Welcome to the Legion of Six Fonda Lee 2019 Superhero short story 09.11.2020
Your Own Undoing P. H. Lee 2021 Fantasy short story 11.01.2021
Crying in the Rain Tanith Lee 1987 Post apocalyptic short story 26.09.2020
The Cold Inequalities Yoon Ha Lee 2015 SF short story 23.12.2015
Foxfire, Foxfire Yoon Ha Lee 2016 SF&F novelette 23.03.2017
Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain Yoon Ha Lee 2010 Time Travel short story 12.12.2020
The Mermaid Astronaut Yoon Ha Lee 2020 SF Fairy Tale short story 21.04.2021
Fonda Lee 2019 Near Future SF 21.06.2020
The Four Profound Weaves R.B. Lemberg 2020 Fantasy novella 16.04.2021
Old Paint Megan Lindholm 2012 novelette 29.07.2014
The Lady and the Fox Kelly Link 2014 magical realism short story 29.06.2015
Magic for Beginners Kelly Link 2005 Magic realism novella 13.12.2015
Valley of the Girls Kelly Link 2011 SF short story 26.05.2017
The Girl Who Did Not Know Fear Kelly Link 2019 Short story 17.06.2020
Ken Liu 2014 alternative history 29.03.2015
The Regular Ken Liu 2014 Near Future SF novella 06.09.2015
The Paper Menagerie Ken Liu 2011 Magic realism short story 27.02.2016
The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species Ken Liu 2012 SF short story 27.02.2016
State Change Ken Liu 2004 Magic Realism short story 28.02.2016
The Perfect Match Ken Liu 2012 Dystopian short story 29.02.2016
The Literomancer Ken Liu 2010 Magic realism short story 02.03.2016
Good Hunting Ken Liu 2012 Steampunk short story 02.03.2016
Simulacrum Ken Liu 2011 Near SF short story 04.03.2016
The Waves Ken Liu 2012 Post-humanity novelette 05.03.2016
Mono no aware Ken Liu 2012 SF short story 05.03.2016
The Man Who Ended History Ken Liu 2011 Time travel novella 06.03.2016
All the Flavors Ken Liu 2012 Silkpunk novella 06.03.2016
A Brief History of the Trans-Pacific Tunnel Ken Liu 2013 Alternate history short story 06.03.2016
The Litigation Master and the Monkey King Ken Liu 2013 Historical fiction novelette 06.03.2016
Thoughts and Prayers Ken Liu 2019 Near Future SF short story 01.06.2020
Ghost Days Ken Liu 2013 Transhuman SF novelette 23.06.2020
Maxwell’s Demon Ken Liu 2012 Magical realism short story 05.07.2020
The Reborn Ken Liu 2014 SF novelette 09.07.2020
Byzantine Empathy Ken Liu 2018 Near Future SF novelette 13.07.2020
Maddie – an Apocalyptic Triptychon Ken Liu 2014 3 Transhuman short stories 15.07.2020
Staying Behind Ken Liu 2011 Transhuman short story 17.07.2020
Real Artists Ken Liu 2011 Near Future SF short story 19.07.2020
Altogether Elsewhere, Vast Herds of Reindeer Ken Liu 2011 Transhuman short story 24.07.2020
Memories of My Mother Ken Liu 2012 SF flash fiction 26.07.2020
Ken Liu 2016 Clifi short story 02.08.2020
Grey Rabbit, Crimson Mare, Coal Leopard Ken Liu 2020 Science Fantasy novelette 09.08.2020
The Hidden Girl Ken Liu 2017 Wuxia fantasy novelette 15.08.2020
Seven Birthdays Ken Liu 2016 Transhuman short story 17.08.2020
The Message Ken Liu 2012 SF short story 19.08.2020
Cutting Ken Liu 2012 Flash fiction 21.08.2020
A Whisper of Blue Ken Liu 2020 Fantasy novelette 03.10.2020
Ken Liu 2016 Near SF short story 15.10.2020
50 Things Every AI Working with Humans Should Know Ken Liu 2020 Near Future SF short story 04.06.2021
Enemy Mine Barry B. Longyear 1979 SF novella 01.06.2015
A Year and a Day in Old Theradane Scott Lynch 2014 17.03.2015
Maybe Just Go Up There and Talk to It Scott Lynch 2020 Fantasy novelette 23.11.2020
Eyes of the Crocodile Malena Salazar Maciá 2020 Post-singularity short story 12.05.2021
The Snowball Effect Katherine MacLean 1952 SF short story 04.06.2017
The Visitor from Taured Ian R. MacLeod 2016 SF novelette 25.03.2017
The Crane Method Ian R. MacLeod 2011 Magical realism short story 04.06.2017
Breathmoss Ian R. MacLeod 2002 SF novella 13.04.2020
The Discovered Country Ian R. MacLeod 2013 Posthuman novelette 28.12.2020
New Light on the Drake Equation Ian R. MacLeod 2001 Near Future SF novella 04.11.2021
The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family Usman T. Malik 2014 12.04.2015
The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn Usman T. Malik 2015 Fantasy novella 25.04.2016
Sandkings George R.R. Martin 1979 Horror SF novelette 20.05.2020
The Way of Cross and Dragon George R.R. Martin 1979 Religious SF novelette 08.01.2021
The Man Paul J. McAuley 2012 shortfiction 15.10.2014
Paul J. McAuley 2012 shortstory 15.10.2014
Transitional Forms Paul J. McAuley 2013 shortstory 15.12.2014
Second Skin Paul J. McAuley 1997 Quiet War short story 06.04.2020
Elves of Antarctica Paul McAuley 2016 CliFi short story 25.03.2017
Dead Men Walking Paul McAuley 2006 Quiet War novelette 07.12.2020
Small Bird’s Plea Todd McCaffrey 2020 YA Science Fantasy short story 02.11.2020
The Revolution Will Not Be Refrigerated Ian McDonald 2013 shortstory 15.12.2014
The Fifth Dragon Ian McDonald 2014 SF short story 14.04.2015
The Falls: A Luna Story Ian McDonald 2015 SF novelette 19.12.2015
Recording Angel Ian McDonald 1996 First contact short story 30.03.2020
The Little Goddess Ian McDonald 2005 Near future SF novella 06.12.2020
Tendeléo’s Story Ian McDonald 2000 First contact novella 03.11.2021
Every Heart a Doorway Seanan McGuire 2016 Magical realism novella 28.05.2017
Phantoms of the Midway Seanan McGuire 2019 Ghost novelette 09.06.2020
Hoard Seanan McGuire 2020 Fantasy short story 24.10.2020
In Silent Streams, Where Once the Summer Shone Seanan McGuire 2020 Apocalyptic short story 08.11.2020
Useless Things Maureen F. McHugh 2012 Near Future SF short story 21.12.2020
The Cost to Be Wise Maureen F. McHugh 1996 Planetary Romance novella 27.10.2021
The Gorgon in the Cupboard Patricia A. McKillip 2004 Fantasy novella 16.03.2016
Which Witch Patricia A. McKillip 2012 Urban Fantasy short story 18.03.2016
Something Rich and Strange Patricia A. McKillip 1994 Magic realism novel 25.03.2016
Camouflage Patricia A. McKillip 2020
Time Travel Fantasy short story
Steamgothic Sean McMullen 2012 novelette 15.10.2014
The Last Magician William Meikle 2014 Fantasy short story 06.09.2020
The Last Poet and the Robots A. Merritt 1934 SF short story 11.04.2017
Calved Sam J. Miller 2015 short story 10.05.2016
Sam J. Miller 2021 Urban Fantasy short story 28.03.2021
Conditionally Human Walter M. Miller, Jr. 1952 SF novella 17.11.2017
Evanescence L.E. Modesitt, Jr. 2020 First Contact short story 03.11.2020
Communion Mary Anne Mohanraj 2014 SF short story 11.10.2015
Chitai Heiki Koronbin David Moles 2012 shortstory 29.07.2014
Finisterra David Moles 2007 Planetary SF novelette 18.12.2020
His Footsteps, Through Darkness and Light Mimi Mondal 2019 Fantasy novelette 28.05.2020
The Wreck of the “Charles Dexter Ward” Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette 2012 novelette 12.10.2014
Boojum Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette 2009 Horror Space Opera novelette 22.12.2020
The Deepwater Bride Tamsyn Muir 2015 Lovecraftian novelette 14.04.2016
Rachel in Love Pat Murphy 1987 Transhumanism novelette 07.11.2021
Exile from Extinction Ramez Naam 2015 SF short story 26.12.2015
Nightside on Callisto Linda Nagata 2012 shortstory 07.08.2014
Winter Timeshare Ray Nayler 2017 Far future short story 30.12.2020
The Monogamy Hormone Annalee Newitz 2020 Romance SF short story 28.08.2020
Cut Me Another Quill, Mister Fitz Garth Nix 2020
Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz short story
Spinning Silver Naomi Novik 2016 Fairy Tale novelette 04.03.2017
The Old Man with the Third Hand Kofi Nyameye 2017 Weird fiction short story 26.05.2021
Binti Nnedi Okorafor 2015 Afrofuturism novella 15.11.2015
Binti: Sacred Fire Nnedi Okorafor 2019 Africanfuturism novelette 08.06.2020
Riot Baby Tochi Onyebuchi 2020 Superhero novella 30.03.2021
The Dead, In Their Uncontrollable Power Karen Osborne 2019 SF short story 25.05.2020
Water Rights An Owomoyela 2012 Science Fiction short story 10.05.2015
Outsider An Owomoyela 2015 SF novelette 19.12.2015
Don’t mind me Suzanne Palmer 2020 Near Future SF short story 30.08.2020
Weather Susan Palwick 2014 Posthumanity SF short story 07.09.2015
Habitat K. J. Parker 2020 Fantasy short story 07.10.2020
I Met a Man Who Wasn’t There K. J. Parker 2014 Fantasy short story 07.04.2015
Downfall of the Gods K. J. Parker 2015 Fantasy novella 10.01.2016
Mightier than the Sword K. J. Parker 2017 Fantasy novella 06.04.2017
A Small Price to Pay for Birdsong K. J. Parker 2011 Fantasy novella 10.06.2017
The Cryptid Emil Hjörvar Petersen 2021 Fantasy novelette 22.05.2021
Advanced Word Problems in Portal Math Aimee Picchi 2020 Fantasy flash fiction 05.04.2021
A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes Wide Sarah Pinsker 2014 SF short story 17.04.2015
Hugo/The Blur in the Corner of Your Eye Sarah Pinsker 2019 Weird fiction novelette 28.05.2020
Two Truths and a Lie Sarah Pinsker 2020 Horror novelette 08.04.2021
Day Million Frederik Pohl 1966 Post-humanity short story 06.01.2021
Outnumbering the Dead Frederik Pohl 1990 Transhumanity novella 15.03.2021
Sudden, Broken, and Unexpected Steven Popkes 2012 novella 11.08.2014
Red Lights, and Rain Gareth L. Powell 2014 SF shortstory 27.09.2015
Pod Dreams of Tuckertown Gareth L. Powell 2007 SF short story 08.11.2020
A Guide for Working Breeds Vina Jie-Min Prasad 2020 Comical SF short story 20.03.2021
Fandom for Robots Vina Jie-Min Prasad 2017 SF short story 28.04.2021
Troublesolving Tim Pratt 2009 SF novelette 27.05.2017
A Princess of Nigh-Space Tim Pratt 2020 Multiverse short story 15.10.2020
Tanglefoot Cherie Priest 2008 Steampunk novelette 26.04.2017
Debtless Chen Qiufan 2020 Space Opera novelette 27.04.2021
Tyche and the Ants Hannu Rajaniemi 2012 Science Fantasy shortstory 12.10.2014
Deus ex homine Hannu Rajaniemi 2005 posthuman SF shortstory 07.03.2015
The Server and the Dragon Hannu Rajaniemi 2005 Hard SF story 07.03.2015
The Haunting of Apollo A7LB Hannu Rajaniemi 2015 shortstory 08.03.2015
Elegy for a Young Elk Hannu Rajaniemi 2010 post-singularity SF shortstory 13.03.2015
Fisher of Men Hannu Rajaniemi 2006 weird fantasy shortstory 18.03.2015
His Master’s Voice Hannu Rajaniemi 2008 posthuman SF shortstory 18.03.2015
The Jugaad Cathedral Hannu Rajaniemi 2012 near future SF shortstory 18.03.2015
Ghost Dogs Hannu Rajaniemi 2014 weird shortstory 19.03.2015
Topsight Hannu Rajaniemi 2012 near future SF shortstory 20.03.2015
Invisible Planets Hannu Rajaniemi 2014 SF shortstory 20.03.2015
And Now His Lordship Is Laughing Shiv Ramdas 2019 magic realism short story 01.05.2020
Los Piratas del Mar de Plastico Paul Graham Raven 2014 near SF story 01.02.2015
Katabasis Robert Reed 2012 novella 07.08.2014
Eater-of-Bone Robert Reed 2014 SF novella 14.10.2014
Blood Wedding Robert Reed 2014 near SF novelette 11.10.2015
The Empress in her Glory Robert Reed 2015 SF short story 21.05.2016
Guest of Honor Robert Reed 1993 SF novelette 24.03.2020
Good Mountain Robert Reed 2005 SF novella 09.12.2020
Kirinyaga Mike Resnick 1988 SF novelette 20.03.2020
The Water Thief Alastair Reynolds 2012 shortstory 07.08.2014
Vainglory Alastair Reynolds 2012 Science Fiction short story 10.05.2015
In Babelsberg Alastair Reynolds 2014 SF shortstory 26.09.2015
A Murmuration Alastair Reynolds 2015 Hard SF short story 29.04.2016
Sixteen Questions for Kamala Chatterjee Alastair Reynolds 2016 SF short story 05.06.2017
Permafrost Alastair Reynolds 2019 Time travel novella 16.06.2020
The Sledge-Maker’s Daughter Alastair Reynolds 2007
Post-Post-apocalyptic short story
Turquoise Days Alastair Reynolds 2002 Planetary Romance novella 05.11.2021
A Brief Lesson in Native American Astronomy Rebecca Roanhorse 2019 SF story 14.06.2020
What Did Tessimond Tell You? Adam Roberts 2012 shortstory 28.07.2014
Thing and Sick Adam Roberts 2014 SF novelette 09.10.2015
Hair Adam Roberts 2009 Near Future SF novelette 23.12.2020
Before I Wake Kim Stanley Robinson 1989 SF short story 23.09.2020
Ein Hundert Kim Stanley Robinson 2020 Magical Futurism short story 27.08.2021
Pwnage Justina Robson 2013 shortstory 15.12.2014
Waters of Versailles Kelly Robson 2015 Historical fantasy novella 17.04.2016
La Vitesse Kelly Robson 2020 Fantasy short story 13.10.2020
Good Intentions Christopher Ruocchio 2020 Planetary SF short story 10.11.2020
Safety Test Kristine Kathryn Rusch 2012 Science Fiction short story 08.05.2015
When It Changed Joanna Russ 1972 Feministic short story 29.11.2020
In Sight Cheryl Rydborn 2013 shortstory 15.12.2014
Capitalism in the 22nd Century, or, A.I.R. Geoff Ryman 2015 SF short story 09.05.2016
Those Shadows Laugh Geoff Ryman 2016 SF novelette 19.03.2017
Have Not Have Geoff Ryman 2001 SF novelette 13.04.2020
The Height of Our Fathers Jeff Salyards 2014 Fantasy novelette 05.09.2020
Fairy Tales for Robots Sofia Samatar 2020 SF novelette 14.06.2021
The Undiscovered William Sanders 1997 Alternate History novelette 31.03.2020
The Eight-Thousanders Jason Sanford 2020 Vampire short story 19.03.2021
Alien Animal Encounters John Scalzi 2001 SF flash fiction 16.10.2020
The Tale of the Wicked John Scalzi 2009 Space Opera novelette 01.11.2020
Kheldyu Karl Schroeder 2014 Near Future SF novelette 13.04.2015
Jubilee Karl Schroeder 2014 SF novelette 27.09.2015
The Bank of Burkina Faso Ekaterina Sedia 2012 Magical realism short story 23.05.2021
Nibedita Sen 2019 Horror short story 05.05.2020
Jamaica Ginger Nalo Hopkinson & Nisi Shawl 2015 Steampunk short story 27.04.2016
Salvador Lucius Shepard 1984 Near Future SF short story 10.03.2020
The Great Detective Delia Sherman 2016 Steampunk novelette 16.03.2017
Perfidia Lewis Shiner 2006 thriller novelette 14.04.2017
The Belonging Kind William Gibson and John Shirley 1981 Horror short story 06.03.2021
Today I am Paul Martin L. Shoemaker 2015 Near SF short story 25.04.2016
The Tomb of the Pontifex Dvorn Robert Silverberg 2011 SF novelette 06.06.2017
Tales from the Venia Woods Robert Silverberg 1989 Alternative History short story 22.03.2020
Good News from the Vatican Robert Silverberg 1971 SF short story 19.09.2020
Sailing to Byzantium Robert Silverberg 1985 Far future SF novella 03.01.2021
Desertion Clifford D. Simak 1944 SF short story 30.04.2017
Ruminations in an Alien Tongue Vandana Singh 2012 SF shortstory 11.10.2014
Entanglement Vandana Singh 2014 CliFi novella 20.09.2015
Delhi Vandana Singh 2004 Time travel short story 02.05.2021
The Game of Rat and Dragon Cordwainer Smith 1955 Space Opera short story 12.01.2021
The Seventeenth Kind Michael Marshall Smith 2011 SF novelette 18.04.2017
Blood Is Another Word for Hunger Rivers Solomon 2019 Weird short story 10.05.2020
Hugo/The Deep Rivers Solomon 2019 Fantasy novella 24.05.2020
The Wheel of Samsara Han Song 2009 SF short story 04.05.2021
The Machine Kenny Soward 2014 Fantasy short story 01.09.2020
The Indelible Dark William Browning Spencer 2013 SF novelette 01.06.2017
Desert Lexicon Banjanun Sriduangkaew 2015 SF short story 20.12.2015
Mortimer Gray’s History of Death Brian Stableford 1995 Posthuman SF novella 27.03.2020
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Allen Steele 2013 shortstory 15.12.2014
The Prodigal Son Allen Steele 2014 Arkwright SF series novella 04.10.2015
The Emperor of Mars Allen Steele 2010 Near Future SF novelette 24.12.2020
The Various Mansions of the Universe Bruce Sterling 2014 near future SF story 01.02.2015
The Peak of Eternal Light Bruce Sterling 2012 Science Fiction novelette 10.05.2015
Pictures from the Resurrection Bruce Sterling 2015 SF short story 24.12.2015
Dinner in Audoghast Bruce Sterling 1985 Historical short story 16.03.2020
Black Swan Bruce Sterling 2009
Alternate Universe SF novelette
Elephant on Table Bruce Sterling 2017
Comical Near Future SF short story
Pilgrims of the Round World Bruce Sterling 2014 Historical fiction novella 21.03.2021
Esoteric City Bruce Sterling 2009 Weird novelette 23.03.2021
Robot in Roses Bruce Sterling 2017 SF novelette 26.03.2021
Swarm Bruce Sterling 1982 Transhuman SF novelette 07.10.2021
Red Star, Winter Orbit William Gibson and Bruce Sterling 1983 Alternate History novelette 10.03.2021
Life’s a Game Charles Stross 2015 Near SF short story 15.11.2015
Lobsters Charles Stross 2001 Near future novelette 11.04.2020
Rogue Farm Charles Stross 2003 Transhuman SF short story 03.12.2020
The Dog Said Bow-Wow Michael Swanwick 2001 shortstory 13.08.2014
Hello, Said the Stick Michael Swanwick 2002 shortstory 13.08.2014
Slow Life Michael Swanwick 2002 novelette 13.08.2014
Triceratops Summer Michael Swanwick 2005 shortstory 14.08.2014
Tawny Petticoats Michael Swanwick 2014 fantasy short story 17.03.2015
Passage of Earth Michael Swanwick 2014 First encounter shortstory 26.09.2015
The Dead Michael Swanwick 1996 Zomedy short story 29.03.2020
Dragon Slayer Michael Swanwick 2020
Time Travel Fantasy short story
Tin Marsh Michael Swanwick 2006 SF novelette 08.12.2020
Griffin’s Egg Michael Swanwick 1991 Hard SF novella 20.01.2021
Dogfight William Gibson and Michael Swanwick 1985 Cyberpunk novelette 11.03.2021
We Continue Ann Leckie and Rachel Swirsky 2020 Fantasy short story 01.11.2020
Grand Jeté (The Great Leap) Rachel Swirsky 2014 SF novella 15.04.2015
Rachel Swirsky 2010 Fantasy novella 01.06.2015
Dispersed by the Sun, Melting in the Wind Rachel Swirsky 2007 Post Apocalyptic short story 23.04.2017
Root Rot Fargho Tbakhi 2021 SF novelette 23.01.2021
One Day All This Will Be Yours Adrian Tchaikovsky 2021 Time travel novella 02.03.2021
Bootblack Tade Thompson 2017 Time travel short story 13.05.2021
Under the Eaves Lavie Tidhar 2012 shortstory 07.08.2014
The Memcordist Lavie Tidhar 2012 shortstory 15.10.2014
Vladimir Chong Chooses to Die Lavie Tidhar 2014 shortstory 13.09.2015
Strigoi Lavie Tidhar 2012 SF novelette 25.01.2016
Terminal Lavie Tidhar 2016 SF short story 23.03.2017
Help James Tiptree, Jr. 1968 First Contact SF novelette 10.07.2020
The Girl Who Was Plugged In James Tiptree, Jr. 1973 Proto-Cyberpunk novella 12.10.2015
The Man Who Walked Home James Tiptree, Jr. 1972 short story 14.10.2015
And I Have Come Upon This Place by Lost Ways James Tiptree, Jr. 1972 novelette 14.10.2015
The Women Men Don’t See James Tiptree, Jr. 1973 novelette 16.10.2015
Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled of Light! James Tiptree, Jr. 1976 short story 16.10.2015
Houston, Houston, Do You Read? James Tiptree, Jr. 1976 SF novella 25.10.2015
With Delicate Mad Hands James Tiptree, Jr. 1981 SF novella 25.10.2015
The Last Flight of Doctor Ain James Tiptree, Jr. 1969 SF short story 31.10.2015
A Momentary Taste of Being James Tiptree, Jr. 1975 SF novella 31.10.2015
The Screwfly Solution James Tiptree, Jr. 1977 SF novelette 31.10.2015
Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death James Tiptree, Jr. 1973 short story 01.11.2015
We Who Stole the Dream James Tiptree, Jr. 1978 SF novelette 01.11.2015
On the Last Afternoon James Tiptree, Jr. 1972 SF novelette 02.11.2015
She Waits for All Men Born James Tiptree, Jr. 1976 SF short story 04.11.2015
Slow Music James Tiptree, Jr. 1980 Post-humanity novella 08.11.2015
And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill’s Side James Tiptree, Jr. 1972 SF short story 26.06.2020
The Snows Are Melted, the Snows Are Gone James Tiptree, Jr. 1969 Post-apocalyptic short story 27.06.2020
The Peacefulness of Vivyan James Tiptree, Jr. 1971 SF short story 06.07.2020
Mamma Come Home James Tiptree, Jr. 1968 First Contact SF novelette 08.07.2020
Painwise James Tiptree, Jr. 1972 Psychedelic SF novelette 12.07.2020
Faithful to Thee, Terra, in Our Fashion James Tiptree, Jr. 1969 SF novelette 14.07.2020
The Man Doors Said Hello To James Tiptree, Jr. 1970 Psychedelic short story 16.07.2020
Forever to a Hudson Bay Blanket James Tiptree, Jr. 1972 Time travel short story 18.07.2020
I’ll Be Waiting for You When the Swimming Pool Is Empty James Tiptree, Jr. 1971 Planetary SF short story 22.07.2020
I’m Too Big but I Love to Play James Tiptree, Jr. 1970 First contact novelette 25.07.2020
Birth of a Salesman James Tiptree, Jr. 1968 SF short story 27.07.2020
Mother in the Sky with Diamonds James Tiptree, Jr. 1971 Psychedelic SF novelette 28.07.2020
Beam Us Home James Tiptree, Jr. 1969 SF short story 31.07.2020
My Country Is a Ghost Eugenia Triantafyllou 2020 Ghost short story 05.04.2021
Virtual Snapshots Tlotlo Tsamaase 2016 short story 29.04.2021
Mediation Cadwell Turnbull 2020 Near Future SF short story 29.08.2020
The Real World Steven Utley 2000 SF novelette 13.04.2020
The Lily and the Horn Catherynne M. Valente 2015 Fantasy short story 21.05.2016
The Future is Blue Catherynne M. Valente 2016 SF novelette 02.03.2017
White Lines on a Green Field Catherynne M. Valente 2011 Magical Realism novelette 11.05.2017
The Insects of Love Genevieve Valentine 2014 Weird novelette 06.04.2015
The Insects of Love Genevieve Valentine 2014 Weird short story 29.06.2015
Blood, Ash, Braids Genevieve Valentine 2015 Alternate History short story 16.05.2016
Everyone from Themis Sends Letters Home Genevieve Valentine 2016 SF short story 18.03.2017
Astrophilia Carrie Vaughn 2012 shortstory 28.07.2014
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The Fall of Gondolin • 2018 • Fantasy novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited by Christopher Tolkien

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the story of the Evening Star, the Venus, and how it came to appear in the sky.

Do you remember Galadriel telling Frodo “‘In this phial [..] is caught the light of Eärendil’s star“, and Elrond telling of his father Eärendil? Eärendil gets mentioned around a dozen times in the Lord of the Rings, he is in the center of Tolkien’s writings. Tolkien’s first poet from 1914 talks about him, and the first of the Great Tales, the Fall of Gondolin, which Tolkien wrote during sick-leave from the hells of WWI in 1917, leads ultimately to him.

Eärendil is the son of human Tuor and Elven-lady Idril, born and raised in Gondolin, rescued from the annihilation of this last of the Elven cities, acquiring one of the Silmaril gems by marrying Elwing, and setting out into the night sky on his boat, shining as a newborn star.

But all this is only an afterthought of the real story, the one about his father Tuor:


Tuor got a mission from sea-god Ulmo to find the hidden city Gondolin and bid King Turgon to take action before their enemy Morgoth would destroy them. 


After a long and painful search, Tuor found the city.


Now, king Turgon didn’t follow his bidding and thought that the enemy would never find the city. Instead, he welcomed Tuor and made him one of his own, let him even marry his own daughter Idril. 

Men marrying Elven maids? We know of only three such pairs in Tolkien’s works: Beren and Luthien, Aragorn and Arwen, and Tuor with Idril. They get a child Eärendil, live happily for eleven years.

But then Melkor strikes with all his might: Thousands of Orcs, numerous Balrogs, and mechanical, fire-spitting dragons. A long battle follows, but the Elven are hammered, only a few can flee through a tunnel.

On their way out, they are waylaid by a Balrog, but Glorfindel (yes, the same one who rescues Frodo and kills the Ring Wraiths in the flood of River Bruinen) sacrifices himself:


This book is also a Beginning and an End.

It is a Beginning, because it was the very first prose story that Tolkien ever wrote. Before this, he composed some poems. It is also the first of three Great Tales. The next one, written also in 1917, was Beren and Luthien, and directly after that The Children of Hurin. These three stories “represented [..] the full extent of my father’s ‘imagined world’,” as Christopher Tolkien put it. It wasn’t the First Age of Middle-Earth at the time, 

for there was as yet no Second Age, nor Third Age; there was no Numenor, no hobbits, and of course no Ring. 

It is also an End, because it was the very last book that J.R.R. Tolkien’s son Christopher edited at the age of 93, two years before he passed away at 16. January 2020. Without Christopher, we wouldn’t have the Silmarillion and all the other tales of Middle Earth’s First and Second Age. 

This edition doesn’t have any new material from J.R.R. Tolkien. The various fragments and variations of the same tale has been published before in the Lost Tales and the History of Middle Earth. New is the side-by-side arrangement in one place, leading to a easy comparison. New are some of Christopher’s commentary, comparisons, and analysis. Add to that the awesome colour plates by Alan Lee, his interior illustrations, and the cover vignette showing a swan helm before the towers of Gondolin and fire breathing dragons.


If you haven’t read the Silmarillion, this book won’t do you any good. But if you want to get adventure, gods, a romance, betrayal, a huge battle with monsters and valiant heroes, and a good portion mythology, and all that within some 150 pages, then this might be for you. Just don’t expect a finished story, it’s spread over five largely different versions, written and revised over half a century of JRRT’s productive period. I don’t know if I should recommend it to you, your mileage will vary.

This is also the 1,000th post at my blog. 

As a die-hard Tolkien fan, this book means the world for me. 

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Tolkien and the Great War: The Threshold of Middle-earth • 2003 • Biography by John Garth


Rating: 5 out of 5.

One key to understand The Lord of the Rings and all the other great works by Tolkien is his involvement in the First World War. Elements like a last minute rescue of the Rohirrim, or the role of Samwise Gamgee, or the mechanical beasts entering the battle of Gondolin clearly refer to his experience in the Battle of the Somme

Tolkien was there in the horrors of the trenches, as a Second Lieutenant of the 11th Lancashire Fusiliers, from June to October 1916. He survived because he caught trench fever, returned to England reporting sick and never returned to action.

Why doesn’t the cover illustrate those trenches, then, why isn’t there a tank, or soldiers in battle gear running through trenches? The photo is well-chosen, because it shows Tolkien as part of his beloved community at Exeter College. Consider, that Tolkien wasn’t one of the first to be deployed as soldier, but decided to finish his degree in university first.  

The core of this biography focuses on Tolkien’s ways through the war. John Garth gives a fascinating portray, disentangles the complicated movements of WWI campaigns, and fleshes out how his schoolfriends of the T.C.B.S. club fared during the war. It is a highly involved and intense research into not easily accessible sources, and the author mastered them in a way which is accessible to a broader public. 

One can literally watch the ideas leading to the Silmarillion coming to life. The author embeds and explains several poems from Tolkien and his friends through these early years. Tolkien started his mythology reluctantly before the Battle of the Somme. But only after he returned home, his ideas came to fruition in a kind of narrative explosion. His prose work started during his rehabilitation from trench fever back home in England, beginning with The Fall of Gondolin, continued with Beren and Luthien, and finished his Great Tales with The Children of Hurin. There was no idea of the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings, and there was no Second or Third Age. 

John Garth brings all this to life in a thorough amount of details. He contextualizes Tolkien as a war author. Where other authors of his generation like Graves, Sassoon, or Owen created a far more pessimistic, modern poetry, Tolkien reflected the fighting differently, staying with the naturalistic romances, taking a stance against the disenchantment of his time.

The last part of the book concentrates on the effects on Tolkien’s later Middle Earth writings, how formative they were, and how his experiences influenced the world he created. Although Tolkien himself hated such interpretation, Garth’s analysis makes sense to me. 

A huge mass of literary references and notes are given at the end of the book. Garth’s choice to not add footnote numbers in the text was a good one. The book finishes with twelve pages of bibliography and a handy index. More interesting to the casual reader will be the middle part with several photos of Tolkien, and his Exeter friends of the T.C.B.S, and the maps illustrating the movements of the Battle of the Somme.

You can see that this is not “yet another” Tolkien biography. It is a necessary one, adding much to the essential biography from Carpenter. The Mythopoeic Society honored the work with an Award for Inklings Study. 

For further reading of the author, consider his Tolkien at Exeter College (review), and his newer Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien: The Places that Inspired Middle-Earth (which I haven’t read, yet).

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Phat Loot! Level up for library!

Today is my cake day, and I got me some phat loot. Two new Tolkien books!

  • The Nature of Middle Earth (which has just been published), the violet binding and
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the spring green binding
third shelf from top with the two new books

I had to reorder my library to provide those two beauties a proper place. Which meant a full new shelf in this case, shuffling some books around.

left shelves of my library
top shelf
second shelf from top
fourth shelf from top
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