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The Shadow of the Gods • 2022 • Epic Fantasy novel by John Gwynne

Synopsis: It is 300 years after the twilight of the gods, when the gods killed each other. Their tainted children, all those who have the blood of the gods within them, life as thralls in the Norse land of Vigrið.  … Continue reading

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Quantum of Nightmares • 2022 • Urban Fantasy novel by Charles Stross

Synopsis: Quantum of Nightmares is the sequel to Dead Lies Dreaming, set in an alternate London in the Laundry Files universe, but with a fresh start of characters and topics. The book takes up exactly at the point where it … Continue reading

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A Practical Guide to Conquering the World • 2022 • Military Fantasy novel by K.J. Parker

★★★☆☆ Synopsis: We follow the improbable quest of translator Felix, on his way from suddenly being the last of all Robur (read: Byzantines) at the court of the Echmen (read: Chinese) emperor, savior of the barbarian people called Hus (read: … Continue reading

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The Fall of Gondolin • 2018 • Fantasy novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited by Christopher Tolkien

This is the story of the Evening Star, the Venus, and how it came to appear in the sky. Do you remember Galadriel telling Frodo “‘In this phial [..] is caught the light of Eärendil’s star“, and Elrond telling of … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Beasts of Eld • 1974 • Fantasy novel by Patricia A. McKillip

Synopsis: Sybel is a sixteen-year-old sorceress “beautiful as moonlit ice“, living alone in the mountains of Eld together with her mythical beasts her father had summoned: Boar Cyrin, Dragon Gyld, the Black Swan of Terleth, Lyon Gules, Cat Moriah and … Continue reading

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The Bone Shard Emperor • 2021 • Romantasy novel by Andrea Stewart

Jovis, my Captain of the Imperial Guard, paced the hallway outside my room, his beast, Mephi, beside him. Andrea Stewart did it again! This successor of her great Bone Shard Daughter could have fallen to the dreadful Middle Book Syndrome. … Continue reading

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2021 Word Fantasy Award Winners: Novels, Novellas, Short Stories

The 2021 Word Fantasy Awards Winners have been announced  during the World Fantasy Convention, 4.-7.11.2021. I extract only a few categories which are interesting for me. I don’t exactly plan to read through everything. Some reviews are already available, mostly … Continue reading

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Brothers of the Wind • 2021 • High Fantasy novel by Tad Williams

Synopsis: A Great Worm has come down again from the north, a beast called Hidohebhi, the Blackworm.  A thousands years before the tale of Memory, Sorrow & Thorn starts with the Dragonbone Chair, two brothers of the immortal fay folk … Continue reading

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The Wheel of Time 4: The Shadow Rising • 1992 • Fantasy Novel by Robert Jordan

That rereading project of Jordan’s Wheel of Time series comes to a short break after pacing through this huge novel in only two months – remember that this works as a buddy-read with my daughter in the form of a … Continue reading

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The Snow Queen • 1980 • Science Fantasy novel by Joan D. Vinge

I’ve read and reviewed this novel in November 2013. Enjoy the unaltered text copied over from GoodReads. Wow, now look at that cover art by Michael Whelan! This Science Fantasy novel follows the plot line of Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow … Continue reading

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