The Hunger of the Gods • 2022 • Epic Fantasy novel by John Gwynne

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Don’t read further if you want to avoid spoilers for the first book in the series.

This is book two of the Bloodsworn Saga, following the excellent The Shadow of the Gods (my review).

The cover picture already spoilers a very small part of the book: the wolf god is back. He’s not the first one to be resurrected after more then 300 years after the twilight of the gods, and you might guess that he won’t be the last one.

Their tainted children, all those who have the blood of the gods within them, life as thralls in the Norse land of Vigrið. 

Where the first book followed three warriors – Varg, Elvar, and Orka – with different backgrounds, this story continues their point of views but adds another two: Guðvarr who we know already from book one, a cowardish swaggerer who constantly swears at others – only with his inner voice, of course. A real anti-hero! And then the traitor Biórr who follows the party of the Raven-Feeders with their mighty leader, the dragon god Lik-Reifa. 

The story stays the same on the one hand: it follows the old story lines without really solving any of those. And it adds up by letting a part of the protagonists leave the north continent and dive into the mysterious southern continent. That should be fun!

I don’t need to convince anyone here. Readers who started the first book already can safely go for this one, it’s not that different. Just brace yourself for some GRRM-like twists. Others who are skeptical if they want to invest into yet another unfinished series can safely wait for the next volumes to unfold. 

Highly recommended for fans of darker, epic fantasy with multiple point of views, full of scary monsters, magic, and gods. 

Meta: GoodReads. Published in the UK at 14.04.2022 by Little, Brown Book Group 

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8 Responses to The Hunger of the Gods • 2022 • Epic Fantasy novel by John Gwynne

  1. I started this one a couple of days ago and I’m in “full immersion mode”: John Gwynne has indeed a way of ensnaring his readers… 🙂

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  2. Sounds a bit run-of-the-mill to me, to be honest. Sounds similar to what Joe Abercrombie and Mark Lawrence have been doing a decade ago. Does Gwynn add anything new that his totally his own style?

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    • Andreas says:

      Gwynn’s style is immersion. Abercrombie and Lawrence don’t get so deep into it, not by far. Just one random example:
      If you wanted to feeeel the shield wall, the preparation for it and the aftermath, then Gwynn has something that the other authors just don’t get across.
      So, not really run-off-the-mill here.

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