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The Prestige • 1995 • SF Fantasy Horror novel by Christopher Priest

Synopsis: Two world-class prestidigitators feud each other in fin-de-siècle London. Rupert Angier is a disinherited aristocrat starting his career with lucrative séances for grieving families. Alfred Borden is his opponent, a creative working-class magician frustrated by Angier’s unethical exploitations.  The rivalry … Continue reading

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Black Sun • 2020 • High Fantasy novel by Rebecca Roanhorse

First sentence: Today he would become a god. His mother had told him so. Synopsis: The novel starts with a pitch perfect chapter describing the ceremonial blinding and carving of young Serapio by his mother. A strong and harsh impression … Continue reading

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Ammonite • 1992 • Planetary Romance by Nicola Griffith

Synopsis: Ammonite follows anthropologist Marghe Taishan as representative of a government agency to planet Jeep. The planet has been colonized centuries ago, but contact was lost, but should be recolonized now. A military expedition has been sent there, but soon, … Continue reading

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The Wheel of Time 1: The Eye of the World • 1990 • Fantasy Novel by Robert Jordan

My rereading project of the Wheel of Times series passed a milestone when I finished the first volume “The Eye of the World”. Reading a chapter every other day as a buddy read with my daughter didn’t do this book … Continue reading

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The Two-Faced Queen • 2021 • Fantasy novel by Nick Martell

Synopsis: This is the second novel of Nick Martell’s Legend of the Mercenary Kings series, sequel to last year’s The Kingdom of Liars (review). Main protagonist Michael Kingman escaped his death once more under the protection of the Orbis Mercenary … Continue reading

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Gateway (Heechee Saga #1) • 1977 • Space Opera novel by Frederik Pohl

This SF masterwork from 1977 is centered around a BDO – a Big Dumb Object, which its owners, the Heechees, have left some million years ago. It remembers me a bit of Rendezvous with Rama which was published in the … Continue reading

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The Conductors • 2021 • Urban Fantasy novel by Nicole Glover

Adding magic to Underground Railroad (a system of secret routes and helpers to help slaves to escape to free states) conductors sounds like an awesome idea. Main protagonist Henrietta wields powerful celestial magic, the zodiacal signs like Ursa Minor, the … Continue reading

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The Summer Tree • 1984 • Fantasy novel by Guy Gavriel Kay

Five Canadian students are thrown into the magical land Fionavar threatened by a god. Each one shows heroism in different ways. This start of the Fionavar-trilogy feels like a template mashup of Silmarillion, Zelazny’s Amber series and Wheel of Time … Continue reading

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A Caller’s Game • 2021 • Thriller by J.D. Barker

Synopsis: Jordan Briggs is a famous, sharp-tongued NYC radio talk show moderator. People love that she absolutely doesn’t hold back grilling her interview partners. The only thing remaining from her family is her eleven years old daughter Charlotte. She recently … Continue reading

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The Galaxy, and the Ground Within • 2021 • Space Opera by Becky Chambers

Unpopular opinion incoming: Synopsis: Three aliens are stranded at their hosts for a few days on a backwater planet due to global technical reasons:Pei gives a comeback from the first novel. She is an Aeulon and a military cargo runner … Continue reading

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