Level up! Reblog a post

As a RPG gamer, I always think that the first few levels are intentionally easy, but having past the first ten level ups, things get more difficult.

  • Level 1: set up the blog
  • Level 2: Publishing the first review
  • Level 3: Getting the first views from readers through search engines
  • Level 4: Publish 5 reviews
  • Level 5: Publish 20 reviews
  • Level 6: every day a hit – constant traffic
  • Level 7: first follower
  • Level 8: Publish 50 reviews
  • Level 9: 5 views daily
  • Level 10: Publish a guest review
  • Level 11: Schedule a review
  • Level 12: Attract a pingback
  • Level 13: 50 ARC Reviews
  • Level 14: 500 Likes
  • Level 15: 600 Posts
  • Level 16: 1000 Likes
  • Level 17: One is fine, two is better
  • Level 18: Be elite
  • Level 19: Reblogged
  • Level 20: 100 Followers
  • Level 21: 750 posts
  • Level 22: Reblog a post

My last Level up! 750 posts has been a month ago.

The blogosphere is filled with great posts worthy of your attention. Why did it take so long that I reblogged a title?

First of all, it feels like adorning myself with borrowed plumes. I rather write my own posts for my and everyone else’s amusement than depending on foreign craft.

I also understand that nearly everyone that I could reblog already knows everyone else. Reblogging wouldn’t share new insights.

In the case of John Garth’s (author of “Tolkien and the Great War”) post about an interesting hidden gem of Le Guin nodding to Tolkien in the Earth Sea cycle, it is different: I don’t think that many people here also follow John. And more important: I’m an absolute nerd for Le Guin and for Tolkien and would never have imagined a combination of both in one small essay. That’s worthy to bring to your attention.

Also, I had to check this blogging feature at least once.

How do you feel about reblogging, how often do you do it?

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5 Responses to Level up! Reblog a post

  1. I’ve never used it! Mostly because of the reasons you mentioned, but haha I can understand the motivation to try something new at least once 🙂

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  2. piotrek says:

    Interesting question, there are times when I really, really enjoy someone’s post and find it so insightful, that I don’t have much to add, beyond maybe a short comment… but I always felt that re-posting would be akin to borrowing someone’s thoughts instead of sharing mine… maybe it’s a wrong way of approaching the subject, I’ll have think about it 🙂

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    • Andreas says:

      There are reviews around that are so much more insightful than mine or more enjoyable to read that I doubt to contribute something worthwhile.
      But then, I like reading and remembering my own thoughts in one place.

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