Level up! ARC-free.

As a RPG gamer, I always think that the first few levels are intentionally easy, but having past the first ten level ups, things get more difficult.

  • Level 1: set up the blog
  • Level 2: Publishing the first review
  • Level 3: Getting the first views from readers through search engines
  • Level 4: Publish 5 reviews
  • Level 5: Publish 20 reviews
  • Level 6: every day a hit – constant traffic
  • Level 7: first follower
  • Level 8: Publish 50 reviews
  • Level 9: 5 views daily
  • Level 10: Publish a guest review
  • Level 11: Schedule a review
  • Level 12: Attract a pingback
  • Level 13: 50 ARC Reviews
  • Level 14: 500 Likes
  • Level 15: 600 Posts
  • Level 16: 1000 Likes
  • Level 17: One is fine, two is better
  • Level 18: Be elite
  • Level 19: Reblogged
  • Level 20: 100 Followers
  • Level 21: 750 posts
  • Level 22: Reblog a post
  • Level 23: 100 ARCs
  • Level 24: 100 daily views
  • Level 25: 900 posts
  • Level 26: ARC-free

My last Level up! 900 posts has been in May, three months ago.

Before that, I posted nearly on a daily routine. Frequency has gone down, only 37 posts since then. In summary, I take things slower, interests have changed a bit. More cats, more Netflix series, more gaming, less short stories.

Last years’ huge amount of ARCs that I read and had to review felt like a burden. Since February, I started to request ever fewer ARCs from Netgalley. But that huge mountain had to be mined and it took half a year to get rid of it.

Just half an hour ago, I scheduled the review for my last ARC, which is Tad Williams’ epic tale of Hakatri and his brother Ineluki slaying a dragon one thousand years before the Osten Ard trilogy. And boy, is that a wonderful tale! You won’t see the review until November 2, when it’s published by DAW. Just keep the date in your calendar and hit the preorder button, ’nuff said.

Now that I’ve left the ARC-train, I’m working on the huge Mt. TBR, the backlog waiting on my physical shelves. Just without the pressure, which is a good thing.

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6 Responses to Level up! ARC-free.

  1. cathepsut says:

    ARC-free, wow….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Will says:

    Are you supposed to read things off Mt TBR? I thought the point was to just keep making it bigger…

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Congrats on levelling up! I’m tantalisingly close to the 80% (3 reviews to go); but ARC-free is a whole new epic adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

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