Dark One • 2021 • Fantasy Graphic Novel by Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Synopsis: The story starts with Paul in our world, who sometimes has these weird visions of another world and violence and sometimes he just feels like he will forcefully unravel. It turns out that those visions aren’t actually figments of the imagination, but part of a larger story, in which he is the supervillain in another dimension who is out to destroy that world.

Review: First of all, I love Brandon Sanderson, so I already had huge expectations before picking this up. I know that he is great at worldbuilding and I was intrigued, what this new world might look like.

The synopsis of this story also sounded very captivating, because there aren’t that many good stories with a bad guy protagonist out there and I was ready to see Paul step into this new role.

The art style also fits the concept quite well, because it is kind of gritty and the colors always felt a bit off, so that both our world and the other world didn’t create this feeling of wonder and happiness but rather induced anxiety.

Even though I like the concept and the art work, I wasn’t that convinced by the actual plot. The world-building wasn’t on par with what I’m used to when reading Sanderson. The pacing felt off and it seemed like a jicksaw of different fantasy world building tropes. You’ve got the Dark-One-versus-Chosen-One-trope, you’ve got the friends-turned-enemies-trope, you’ve got the pattern-of-the-story-repeats-itself-trope and so many more. This recycling of already familiar elements left me bored and I contemplated giving up on this, but then – quite close to the end – there was this plot twist I quite enjoyed, so I finished this graphic novel on a positive note.

So, the question is: Will I continue on with this series? Probably not, because Brandon Sanderson is so much better at writing novels than constructing comic books in a way that makes them entertaining. Nevertheless, it is a decent graphic novel and many other people have enjoyed it a lot more than I did, so I wouldn’t advise against giving it a try.

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