A Dead Djinn in Cairo • 2016 • Steampunk novelette by Phenderson Djèlí Clark

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is my second entry for May, the month of Wyrd&Wonder. 

Synopsis: Egypt, 1912, an alternate history where Djinns, Angels, and other supernatural entities got through a portal some 40 years ago to Cairo, together with all their magic and steampunk clockworks. 

Special Investigator Fatma el-Sha’arawi investigates a mystery involving a dead djinn who’s committed suicide by exsanguination. Some leftovers lead her to a mechanized angel, the “Maker” who’s just in the process of finishing something great, a kind of stopwatch.

From there, she needs to go into the City of the Dead, where Ghouls are feasting.

But she doesn’t let go, and an epic showdown including Cthulhu creatures from a different universe provide an epic showdown. 

Review: This concludes my read through the available stories in the Dead Djinn in Cairo Universe

I couldn’t imagine a better preparation for my reading of Clark’s new novel “Master of Djinn”. A murder investigation unfolding an evil plot, a fast ride, pieces from Arabian nights tending to extreme dark versions of Angels and demons. 

The characters have been better developed in Clark’s The Haunting of Tram Car 015 (review), but the plot was absolutely worth the ride.

Meta: isfdb. Available online at Tor.com

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4 Responses to A Dead Djinn in Cairo • 2016 • Steampunk novelette by Phenderson Djèlí Clark

  1. Ola G says:

    I’m just starting the novel – we’ll see how it goes! 😀

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  2. I’m looking forward to your review of the novel. Heard many positive things about this author.

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