Little Free Library • 2020 • Magical Realism short story by Naomi Kritzer

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Synopsis: Meigan operates a “Little Free Libary” which is a sheltered box outside where you can put in books that others might want and others can put in theirs – a kind of community exchange in one’s neighborhood. 

She initially fills it with speculative fiction. Someone clears out all the books. Meigan clarifies the right way to participate with a nice letter, and shortly after that a curious exchange starts.  

Review: This is a nearly a flash fiction, a very heartwarming one. There isn’t any action in it, but the threedimensional character of Meigan and the perfectly woven plot redeems the invested reading time.

I liked how Meigan didn’t react insulted when people didn’t follow the rules, and how she found a solution. That way the special nature of her exchange partner slowly was exposed, first with a few hints (who hasn’t ever heard of “The Lord of Rings”?) and then completely without ever meeting the partner face to face. 

It isn’t a huge riddle, but nicely done and it will leave you with an “awww” at the middle and the end. A perfectly rounded story, which is worth your reading time, but not the Hugo Award.

Meta: isfdb. Available online at Nominated for the Hugo Award.

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2 Responses to Little Free Library • 2020 • Magical Realism short story by Naomi Kritzer

  1. Sometimes even these “little stories” can make us just as happy and engaged as a Hugo award… 😉

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