Rereading the Wheel of Time – Progress Report 2

About the project

One part of my current reading project is a buddy read with my daughter: Rereading the Wheel of Time series, one chapter every other day. 

The first volume, The Eye of the World, will take some three months to get through.

If you missed the first progress report, here is Reread Part 1.

Progress in February

February has been far slower, because of my daughter’s final exams, and we paused the project for the first half of the month. We are at 60%, managed to read 14 chapters (32 in summary), and talked some 15 to 30 minutes about nearly each chapter. Giulia already marked the second book as to be read.

What has happened in the book?

Last time, the company – Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, Tom, Lan, and Moiraine – stood just before the cursed ancient city Shadar Logoth.

Now, Shadar Logoth is creepy to the nth grade, and a highlight in this first book. As we will see, it throws a long shadow to the company’s future, especially for Mat, but also to their follower Padan Fain. Given all the adventures of the series, this is in fact central to the book’s tension arc and shows our not-yet-heroes that you simply cannot flee, cannot escape in this world.

Fleeing from Shadar Logoth resulted in a split company, each one for up for a special adventure. 

Nynaeve finds to Lan and Moraine, and Giulia is already shipping Nynaeve and Lan. I guess, she really needs some romance in that book 🙂

Rand, Mat, and Thom Merillin found their way on Captain Domon’s ship, travelling for two weeks to Whitebridge. Thom took the two youngsters as apprentice, Mat learned juggling, and Rand a lot of songs with the flute. A special showdown with a Fade awaited them there where Thom sacrificed himself to give the boys a chance to flee. Now the boys are on their own, freeze their asses off in hedges, get soaked by ice cold rain, are miserably hungry, and sometimes earn their meals and beds by demonstrating their new gleeman skills in taverns. This is a miserable Rand, we won’t see him so low anymore. 

Most interesting were Egwene’s and Perrin’s adventures: They met Elyas, who turned out to be magically connected to a couple of wolves, and Perrin slowly becomes aware that he is of the same breed. They meet the flowery Tuathan, travelling folk resembling Sinti and Roma, who contrast everything that Elyas is. They flee a huge flock of creepy, deadly ravens into an Ogier stedding, and from there into the hands of Children of the Light. 

This part of the reread concludes with Rand’s first real channeling (in fact its his third, but this one hits the reader on the head) when he wants to break free from a tavern.

The Tolkien flair from the first part seased slowly but still can be traced: The city Shadar Logoth resembles creepy Moria. It contains an equivalent to the Balrog in the form of the shapeless Mashadar which is an evil not controlled by the Dark One, similarly to the Balrog not controlled by Sauron. One further element, Mat’s dagger from Shadar Logoth remembers me of Weathertop where the witchking nearly killed Frodo and he needed magic healing to survive.

Great moments where the ruins of Shadar Logoth with its background story, and all those colorful adventures of Perrin. Moments of peace and joy with the Tuathan contrasted by one horror after the other. The whole world gets broader, shinier, colorful and darker at the same time. 

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2 Responses to Rereading the Wheel of Time – Progress Report 2

  1. Will says:

    Three months to read Eye of the World? I think I read it in 4 days the first time. Your daughter hasn’t read them, right? Either you’re torturing her by making her read it so slowly, or you’re torturing her by making her read it at all 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Andreas says:

      Fun aside, it’s Neither, nor. She reads lots of books in parallel (all of her monthly books, around ten). This velocity is how she wanted to do our buddy reads.
      We did the same for the first three Dune books and it was a great experience.

      Liked by 1 person

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