Level up! 100 ARCs

100 Book Reviews

Achievement unlocked: 100 Netgalley Reviews!

As a RPG gamer, I always think that the first few levels are intentionally easy, but having past the first ten level ups, things get more difficult.

  • Level 1: set up the blog
  • Level 2: Publishing the first review
  • Level 3: Getting the first views from readers through search engines
  • Level 4: Publish 5 reviews
  • Level 5: Publish 20 reviews
  • Level 6: every day a hit – constant traffic
  • Level 7: first follower
  • Level 8: Publish 50 reviews
  • Level 9: 5 views daily
  • Level 10: Publish a guest review
  • Level 11: Schedule a review
  • Level 12: Attract a pingback
  • Level 13: 50 ARC Reviews
  • Level 14: 500 Likes
  • Level 15: 600 Posts
  • Level 16: 1000 Likes
  • Level 17: One is fine, two is better
  • Level 18: Be elite
  • Level 19: Reblogged
  • Level 20: 100 Followers
  • Level 21: 750 posts
  • Level 22: Reblog a post
  • Level 23: 100 ARCs

My last Level up! Reblog a post has been a month ago.

Netgalley has driven me brutally hard, and I developed a nasty ARC addiction with daily checking the site and nervous “Request” fingers filling up my schedule more often than my other TBR list.

I couldn’t believe it when I checked the 50 review milestone and found it at 12.07.2020. 50 reviews in just over half a year only for ARCs. I slowly feel exhausted and see that I need to go for a slower pace there. Economize my libido sort-of.

In fact, the next fourty days would be the perfect time to hold back that jiper, because it is Lent. Alas, the publication schedule is running and my reading Kanban is stuffed. I take such obligations brutally seriously, and don’t want to delay those reads plus reviews.

But what I can do is to NOT request books during Lent. That’s fourty days, enough time to break the unhealthy habit. Actually, I’m looking forward having less obligations starting in June.

The Award season picks up and I’d like to read along that and build my opinion about this year’s finalists. See? There’s already a plan after the plan. Oh my, I need to come back to just go with the flow.

Now, I don’t want to sound sad or anything. It’s time for a celebration, don’t you think? Imagine all those reviewers who’ve got the fucking-500-milestone, aren’t those crazy? 😀

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17 Responses to Level up! 100 ARCs

  1. Tammy says:

    Congrats, you should definitely celebrate! I wish my NetGalley stats were so impressive. I am at over 200 reviews but I’ve been reviewing a lot longer than you😁

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  2. piotrek says:

    Wow, congratulations that is a lot… and we know you also read a lot of classics, so… wow!

    I read… two Netgalley ARCs, I think, or maybe even one? Wasn’t great, wasn’t terrible, I might get back there at some point, especially now that I got myself a Kindle 🙂

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    • Andreas says:

      Thanks and welcome to the new millennium, piotrek, by acquiring an ebook reader 🤣
      Those classics I‘m currently reading are mostly short stories; they take longer to review than to read 😁

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  3. Congratulations! 100 is a great milestone…you’ve also inspired me to go to my own stats to check. Not quite 500, but (slowly) on my way there with 327! 😀

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  4. Sahi says:

    Congratulations!!! This is awesome. I totally understand the impulse to check new galleys daily and go on a requesting spree. I’m definitely better these days at controlling myself, but I still have so many arcs to read. I didn’t even notice but even I recently reached my 200 milestone on Netgalley which genuinely surprised me. But it’s been quite a while for me, and you seemed to have done it pretty quickly 😊😊
    But I wish that you get the respite you need and get to read all the award nominees 😊😊

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  5. Ola G says:

    Oh wow, congrats!!! That’s a lot of reviews in a very short time! I’m only at 15 NetGalley reviews at the moment, and I don’t think I even requested 100 books yet… 😅

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    • Andreas says:

      Thanks, Ola! Last year I felt the need to get up to date after my long reading slump. Before that, female heroes were the state of the art. Now, I kind of know everything about the current state of SFF. It’s less about new subgenres and more about queer protagonists. And Asian authors. I’m looking forward to all the creative folks there. Maybe our literature will separate from the US stranglehold.

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  6. Congrats, it’s a huge milestone! – and wildly impressive that you doubled your reviews so fast – I’m neeeeearly at 100 reviews, but I’ve only turned in about 10 to your 50 since last summer 🙂 Good luck with kicking the request habit and switching focus.

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