We Continue • 2020 • Fantasy short story by Ann Leckie and Rachel Swirsky


Synopsis: Jacq has been living in the Dragons‘ hive since he‘s been a baby. One of the collector dragons , „Auntie“, has brought him in and fosters him. The dragons don’t really communicate but can emulate voices like parrots. Other than that, Jacq has no one to talk to. He loves Auntie nonetheless and has no intention to flee the hive.

But something is different these days, the dragons behave strange. Auntie has brought another human Stel, who seems to know more about dragons than Jacq.

Review: What a great idea: bee dragons! The idea carried the story, and it lived from the long goodbye. The story was told from two POVs – Jacq‘s and Auntie‘s, and none was able to talk to each other directly besides of caring, body language, and habits. 
Both authors arranged the setting smoothly, and I couldn’t say who wrote which part. It’s a fun read, with a bittersweet plot and an interesting twist at the end. 

Recommended not only for beekeepers. 

Meta: isfdb. Published in the anthology The Book of Dragons.

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