Sweet Harmony • 2020 • Near Future SF novella by Claire North


This is a difficult review – I was torn between DNFing the story because of the disgusting and difficult topics, and praising it because the author did such a remarkable job portraying a broken character and using such an effective prose to demonstrate the cause. The resulting three stars don’t reflect my enjoyment of the story, which is nil-zero-nada, but admiration of the author’s skill. The story would work better for less sensitive readers in happier times. But these Covid19 traumatized era full of depressions contrasts the story’s harsh uses of shit, piss, puke, and pus with a failed mother-daughter relationship, technology abuse, and excessive indebtness. While the author shines in painting a realistic and believable picture of the protagonist, I constantly asked myself if I wanted to endure the confrontation with the predictable plot.

The First fifteen Lives of Harry August by the same author was a highlight read this year for me. But now, I will take care of sensitive issues with her writing and won’t stumble into the next book naively. Because she deserves to be read and also to be enjoyed.

Readers who don’t have problems with the gory details of the human body’s fluids or psychological traumas will enjoy this SF persiflage.

Meta: UK publication date is at 22.09.2020 by Little, Brown Book Group. 

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  1. Ew, all those bodily fluids…this doesn’t sound pleasant.

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