Level up! 1000 Likes

As a RPG gamer, I always think that the first few levels are intentionally easy, but having past the first ten level ups, things get more difficult.

  • Level 1: set up the blog
  • Level 2: Publishing the first review
  • Level 3: Getting the first views from readers through search engines
  • Level 4: Publish 5 reviews
  • Level 5: Publish 20 reviews
  • Level 6: every day a hit – constant traffic
  • Level 7: first follower
  • Level 8: Publish 50 reviews
  • Level 9: 5 views daily
  • Level 10: Publish a guest review
  • Level 11: Schedule a review
  • Level 12: Attract a pingback
  • Level 13: 50 ARC Reviews
  • Level 14: 500 Likes
  • Level 15: 600 Posts
  • Level 16: 1000 Likes

My last Level up! 600 Posts was just a week ago. I’m sorry about the Level up spam, but I go with the flow 🙂

My first like on this blog arrived this year. I didn’t actively network the years before and found that it’s like love: you get back the more you spread it out. Sometimes, a like feels more like a “yeah, I’ve seen your post”, othertimes they could mean a “wow, that was great”. The first 500 likes took half a year to chime in, but the next 500 accumulated to a higher frequency and arrived in in only one and half a month. I’ve got used to the tune and like the constant ding.

Likes are the currency of social networks. Some go crazy for them, turning into the social network form of zombies, the so-called “like whores“, giving body and soul for that sweet notifications, luring their followers into like traps.

While I really care for your attention, for your likes, I mostly appreciate the interaction through full-text dialogue. Don’t stop the likes, but also use the comment section 🙂

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9 Responses to Level up! 1000 Likes

  1. proxyfish says:

    Here, have another like! And congrats! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cathepsut says:

    Congrats! I forgot again where I can find that…


  3. Ola G says:

    and here you have another! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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