Faithful to Thee, Terra, in Our Fashion • 1969 • SF novelette by James Tiptree, Jr.


Synopsis: Peter Christmas is the director of Raceworld orchestrating races with a huge diversity of animals from all over the Galaxy.


He is confronted with a large variety of problems (trying to sneak in flying animals into the Non-Flying Avian class), needs to scan for defraud attempts (importing animals from not normalized planet conditions), and juggles all sorts of affairs around the races.

When an official brings visitors from neighboring Magellan galaxy into his office, things get really strange.

Review: This pulp fiction is extreme flowery in its high cadence of different problems the director has to face. He jumps from problem to problem, and immersion into the exciting races came easily. With all the immaginative descriptions, all of a sudden a deeper lying tragedy came forth which I didn’t expect at all.

A highly entertaining novelette for lovers of the pulp era and a rather laid back story without strong social commentary.

Meta: isfdb. I’ve read it in the collection Ten Thousand Light-Years From Home

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