A Beauty arrived today: The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn • 2017 • Art book by Paul Davies

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It’s been two years that I played Horizon Zero Dawn. No game before managed to draw me in like this: I just love the main protagonist Aloy, a fierce, strong woman; the puzzling setting of post-post-apocalypse with machines roaming around that Aloy has to fight with her bow; the stunning beauty of the landscapes partly around the National Parks of The Grand Circle Tour in USA; the tribal culture; and an immersive story which builds up and stays interesting until the grand finale. I can’t wait to play the next volume on PS5 next year.

To soothe my aching heart, I’ve just snagged the hardcover The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn and its 193 pages of illustrations. They cover all the aspects of the game, with a special focus on Aloy and her hairstyle, the tribes, landscapes, and machines. They range from concept illustrations, to comic style, up to photo realistic drawings. Some of the most prominent moments are double sided. There is not much text in it, but the few lines on every double page bring forth the artists’ intentions directly from the source. It could have provided a bit more insights into the creative process, and I’m missing details around the cultural background. In addition, I missed some important characters, and I’d loved to see some more machines. On the other side, I always can go back to the game.

The following fotos taken directly from the book should give a good impression. I think, the book is worth every cent for a fan of this game.


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