Hugo/Nebula Finalist: The Blur in the Corner of Your Eye • 2019 • Weird fiction novelette by Sarah Pinsker


Synopsis: Mystery author Zanna and her personal assistant Shar booked a cabin in the mountains without Wifi access to avoid distracting Zanna from finishing her latest novel. The next morning, just before her first taste of coffee, the fuses blow, her laptop won’t charge and she has to hike some two miles to her landlord getting a replacement fuse. She finds him dead, calls the police, and her mystery creativity starts to follow some clues which indicate that not everything is as it should be.

Review: The story starts easy with amusing dialogues between the two women bringing the characters to life. Weirdness starts slowly creeping in next morning with a crawl space, leaves off for a while and comes back only very late in the tension arc. I didn’t find it too horrific to DNF it, but there were a couple of plot holes which I didn’t like – about the relationship between Zanna and Shar, the weird creature’s origin, and their decisions to handle it.

In summary, it was an ok read, but I didn’t find much memorable to recommend it.

Meta: isfdb. It is available online at Uncanny. I’ve read it as part of the Hugo and Nebula Award finalists.

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