The Tomb of the Pontifex Dvorn • 2011 • SF novelette by Robert Silverberg


Summary:  Human dwellers formed the culture of Majipoor since many thousand years. The first pontifex remained a figure of myth and poetry. The main protagonist Simmilgord wants to uncover his true history. A position as curator for a new museum in the city where Dvorn was born and died comes in handy. He and his archaeologist friend Lutiel travel there full of hope and scepticism.

Review:  A very slow start full of buzzwords which are probably only meaningful for Majipoor fans, which I am not (yet). The story is about truth and how we work with it. The scientific background with local amateurish excavators, bullying chefs, and self-doubts feel authentic, and I liked the character developments. Some day, I’ll have to read more of Majipoor, escpecially Lord Valentine’s Castle.

Meta: isfdb. Published in Subterranean Online, Winter 2011. Read in The Best of Subterranean. Available online.

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