September 2005: The Martian • 1949 • SF short story by Ray Bradbury


Summary: Mars is in the first phase of colonialization. LaFarge and his wife Anna retired on Mars, leaving their old life and their dead son Tom behind on Earth. One night, a thunderstorm startles them, and they see someone standing outside. LaFarge thinks it was Tom.

Review: The story is taken out of context of the Martian Chronicles. I think it makes far more sense within that collection instead of as a standalone story.

Here, the Martians embody the wishes of humans, letting the dead come back in a different form of reincarnation. I really liked Bradbury’s quiet narration, the Old Mars setting, and the characters with their sorrows and hopes.

Compare this magical realism setting on Old Mars with Kim Stanley Robinson’s Hard SF Mars trilogy or Andy Weir’s newer take on Mars. I love Bradbury’s take and highly recommend it as an alternative view on Martian storytelling.

Meta: isfdb. Published 1950 in The Martian Chronicles (and before that Super Science Stories, November 1949) . Read in The Big Book of SF.

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