Last Breath • 2005 • Weird short story by Joe Hill


Summary:  A family visits a museum – only confusing the „museum of science“ with the „museum of silence“ where they arrived. It specializes in the exhibition of last breaths: One can hear or feel the literal last breaths of persons, e.g. from E.A. Poe. The museum’s owner is a doctor who collects and buys such last breaths. The son and father are both very eager to experience it, but the mother is far more reluctant.

Review: With just a couple of pages, this lives from the atmospheric setting and the plot twist. The story is nothing horrific, just a bit weird. There is also a beautiful 8 minutes movie available online.

Meta: isfdb. Published 2005 in Subterranean, Issue #2. Read in The Best of Subterranean.

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