The Beast that Shouted Love • 1968 • SFshort story by Harlan Ellison


Synopsis:  A man murders hundreds of people. An expedition in the far future discovers on a planet far away a statue of this man. An insane seven-headed dragon is caught „crosswhen“. And so forth with a couple of other pastiches.

Review: The story is a structural experiment by Ellison. Imagine a wheel where the events take place simultaneously in time and space on the rim and come together at the hub of the wheel. That is as confusing as the story itself, and I guess it is meant to separate the wheat from the chaff intellectual-wise. While I liked the experiment, the story didn’t seduce me to invest more time.

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Meta: isfdb. This short story appeared June 1968 in Galaxy Magazine. I’ve read it in German in his collection Ich muss schreien und habe keinen Mund. It won the 1968 Hugo award.


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