The Pile • 2008 • Ghost short story by Michael Bishop


Summary: A housing society’s people throw their used things on a pile where others can freely select from, and a new pair of inhabitants socialize there. A cursed piece of bric-a-brac brings its changing owners to dance the Macarena.

Review: Now I have an unwelcomed earworm, which is the most horrific outcome of this ghost story. Otherwise, it was dragging at the start, humorous in the middle with the lovely gorilla singing, and predictable at the end. I guess, this isn’t my turf at all. The story is Michael Bishop’s tribute to his son Jamie, a Lecturer in German and I.T. Studies, who was one of the victims of the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre.

Meta: isfdb. Published Winter 2008 in Subterranean Magazine. Read in The Best of Subterranean. Available online. It won the Shirley Jackson Award 2008.

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