Game • 2012 • Magical Realism novelette by Maria Dahvana Headley


Summary: The narrator is a Shikari, an Indian big game hunter – in this case of man-eating tigers in the year 1950. 28 years after he lost a hunting friend to a tigress, he is called back to the same village. The villagers greet him „shaitan is waiting for you,“ and claim that the tigress is a vengeful ghost now.

Review: The framing story around the two time lines of 1950 and 1917 is a diary which never reveals the main character’s name. The author builds a very slow setup – think of one of those old style movies with lots of hunting in exotic countries. The tension develops as as the writer’s background which literally haunts him, is introduced. The plot twists, reader expectations are mislead perfectly.

Very satisfying, never creepy, highly recommended.

Meta: isfdb. Published 2012 in Fall Subterranean Magazine. Read in The Best of Subterranean. Available online.

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