The Visitor from Taured • 2016 • SF novelette by Ian R. MacLeod


Cosmologist Rob tries to proof his theory of multiverses, exemplified by the story of the Man from Taured. His roommate Lita studies „analogue literature“ and is one of the last persons with dead tree editions of books – people don’t care about non-interactive 2D-literature anymore. Their relationship evolves as slowly as the tension about Rob’s research topic.

The beautiful prose of this melancholic romance compensates the complete lack of action. This is certainly no story for space opera or military SF fans. I’d say it is more on a level to mainstream literature with just a few grains of SF. I can see why it is included in Best of anthologies and can fully recommend it.


Meta: isfdb. Appeared September 2016 in Asimov’s. Read in Best SFF 11.

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