Seven Birthdays • 2016 • SF short story by Ken Liu


The story covers Mia’s birthdays in seven snapshots, each a power of 7.  At first it felt like a CliFi, as her mother attempted to cool down the atmosphere with chemical loads. But it didn’t stop there: Uploading human minds when she is 343 years old, leading to mega-engineering of Matrioshka brains in Dyson spheres at the next power, and even to Shkadov thrusters in the far future. Huge scale sensawonda! The central theme of improving life with the right technology was nicely maintained between the birthday transitions and led to a satisfying conclusion. Science and emotion interleaved, that is how I want to read my SF.

Highly recommended!


Meta: isfdb. Appeared 2016 in Bridging Infinity. Read in Best SFF 11. Available online.

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