Red as Blood and White as Bone • 2016 • Fairy tale novelette by Theodora Goss



Three stories in one: First one is a predictable fairy tale of the sort „grant my wish, old lady of the woods“ set in some Eastern country (somewhere around Hungary or Bulgaria, but not entirely clear) just before WWII. Second one is a rushed biography of nazi resistance. Last one is overcoming totalitaristic communism after WWII where the main protagonist Karla understands the true value of stories. Moral punchline is about courage and belief.

Overall far too long, unevenly distributed tension arc, the epilogue went on and on. On the other hand, the story was told as beautifully and calm as the illustration. The story just lost me after the boring first part.

Meta: isfdb. Appeared 2016 in Read in Best SFF 11. Read it online.

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