The Art of Space Travel • 2016 • SF novelette by Nina Allan


What did I expect from the story – a juicy space opera? I guess so. What did I get? A daughter – Emily – working as a housekeeper at the Edison Star hotel having astronauts for a one-way Mars trip as guests in 2070 and expecting a media frenzy. Her Alzheimer mother „Moolie“ who can’t or doesn’t want to disclose her father’s name. A professional working relationship (no love story!) with her boss Benny. Emily is on a quest to identify her father.

Three relationships, it is, that I got. Beautifully written, somewhat lengthy, quiet, only a homeopathic dosis of SF, slowly fading out with a satisfying ending (I’m probably one of the few persons who really didn’t expect it and had to backtrack). The promising title appears as an art book which is central to the relationships. I recommend reading it because it has got more layers in it than just the SFish one.


Meta: isfdb. Appeared July 2016 in Read in Best SFF 11. Available online.

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