Two’s Company • 2016 • Fantasy short story by Joe Abercrombie



A story from the world of First Law: Two very amusing women remniescent of Fafhrd (Javre) and Grey Mouser (Shev) meet Cracknut Whirrun (hurray, he’s here again!) like Robin Hood met Little John on the middle of a bridge. Of course, they have to go for a bare knuckle fight in the surrounding wet mud, because honor calls for it. They only take a break to fight a couple of pursuers.

Abercrombie manages to bring characters and world to life in just a few pages. It exactly reflects the style of his First Law world with all the dirt, blood, death, and inability to properly describe sex scenes. I laughed about Shev’s comments on warrior honor and male anatomy. The story is only a pastiche, nothing of great consequence happens.

I liked it and recommend the few minutes needed to read it.


Meta: It appeared in Sharp Ends, Best SFF 11, and is also available online.

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