The Future is Blue • 2016 • SF novelette by Catherynne M. Valente


Social outcast girl Tetley lives on a patch of garbage arranged as a living habitat which drifts around on the ocean. Dry land is a myth which people hope for reaching. The young girl has done something which allows everyone to punish her and she has to thank for it. She is in a good mood and loves everything around her surrealistic technicolour world. She tells us about how she gets her name, finds her first love, and the true nature of the world.

A disillusionistic, depressing and at the same time hopefully, happy smiling story written in a literary, unique voice. It’s meant as an allegory which you have to buy in and disregard some of the fairy tale elements.


Meta: isfdb. It appeared in Drowned Worlds, ed. Jonathan Strahan.

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