Blood, Ash, Braids • 2015 • Alternate History short story by Genevieve Valentine



The 588th in an alternate reality version of a World War II-era Soviet squadron consists of female pilots only. Their task is to terrorize the Germans by flying planes with silenced engines sounding like brooms. That is why the Germans call them witches. There is only one real witch in the squadron, the main protagonist resembling flying aces like Manfred von Richthofen, just on the other side of the war: Not Germany, nor U.K., U.S. but the Russian side.

The story’s setting reminds me of „Raisa Stepanova“ by Carrie Vaughn (see my review of Dangerous Visions), only with a supernatural turn. The topic isn’t about warcraft or magic but about camaraderie like some Jane Austen novels. Don’t expect much of a plot or high tension arc in the story but a lyrically narrated tale with lovely sidekicks like the commander’s origin story.

Meta: isfdb. This short story was published 2015 in the anthology Operation Arcana.

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