Calved • 2015 • short story by Sam J. Miller


Synopsis: Climatic change has drowned coast cities like New York. People like Dom flee elsewhere, e.g. to Greenland’s now huge city of Qaanaag which isn’t exactly welcoming the refugees. Dom found work as an ice-grunt, working the ice calves for fresh water which will be delivered to the thirsty nations. It is a bad job and barely feeding his family, his wife and son, his only pride. His wife divorced. Now, he has to up his failing relation to his son with something that he can be proud of – in this case it is his last memory, a shirt from NYC.

Review: Interesting as the speculative elements of climatic change and its consequences are, the story doesn’t depend on them. It could have been written in nearly any time, because the clear emphasis is on the father-son relationship. Which is well developed, though a bit predictable in its ending. It could easily involve you emotionally, and that’s everything I ask from a good story.

This is a new author who I’ll watch out for!


Meta: isfdb. This short story was published September 2015 in Asimov’s. It hit several Best of Anthologies, and it is available online.

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