The Deepwater Bride • 2015 • Lovecraftian novelette by Tamsyn Muir


Synopsis The Blake family of seers has got a deal with an Lovecraftian entity to watch and record ascensions and be spared. Sixteen year old Hester Blake stays a mundane summer break with her Aunt Marm reading the family’s journal and hanging around. She investigates into the omens like salt raining or an impaled shark. Hester identifies the demi god’s prospective bride to be the town’s popular girl Rainbow. Both get to like each other. Will Hester run away from fate?

Review A tribute to Lovecraft who never wrote stories around teenage females. It isn’t exactly horror, more a light dark fantasy, maybe a romance, but certainly not YA. I loved the narrative voice and the characters. A very satisfying and surprising ending.

Meta: isfdb. This novelette was published July 2015 in The Magazine of SF&F. It hit three BestOfTheYear anthologies (by Strahan, Horton, and Guran) and also was nominated for the Nebula Award.



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