Dream of Distant Shores • 2016 • Fantasy Collection by Patricia A. McKillip



Back in the 80s, I read McKillip’s Riddlemaster of Hed trilogy. Since then, I completely lost contact with the works of this wonderful author. So, I was drawn to this brand-new collection from Tachyon Publishing, as I wanted to rediscover her. I found that her stories are wonderfully written but sometimes not my taste. All the stories have in common McKillip’s beautiful, evocative language. They are more dreamy than action-oriented. Fans will love the three previously unpublished stories and her writing essay. Most prominent in this collection is the fact that it contains a complete, although short novel: Something Rich and Strange. My favourite story was The Gorgon in the Cupboard. 

I recommend this collection, as you get a novel plus lots of good short stories and a great novella for the price of one book.


  1. ★★★ Weird • 2013 • short story • open-ended intimate play without context or names of two people who are sieged in a bathroom by mysterious forces.
  2. ★★★ Mer • 2016 (original to this collection) • short story • a nameless witch wakes after 100 years to find that a goddess in the form of a mermaid wants to body-switch. It is a story of the people challenged by her and changing with the encounter.
  3. ★★★★The Gorgon in the Cupboard • 2004 • novella • Victorian painter meets muse and model  • review
  4. ★★★ Which Witch • 2012 • Urban Fantasy short story • familiar tries to warn his witch • review
  5. ★★ Edith and Henry Go Motoring • 2016 (original to this collection) • short story • Fin-de-siècle story of the eponymous pair and their driver going to a weird landscape leading to an abandoned house. I didn’t grog this psychological journey.
  6. ★★★ Alien • 2016 (original to this collection) • short story • Grandmother tells about her encounter with aliens and everyone thinks she went cuckoo. After a while, they start to question her. It is a story about family relationship and hope.
  7. ★★ Something Rich and Strange • 1994 • magic realism novel • Artists meet Mer-people • review
  8. Writing High Fantasy • 2016 (original to this collection) • essay • nice for fans but not worth the reading for others
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