The Waves • 2012 • Post-humanity novelette by Ken Liu


Synopsis A space-ship’s crew arrives on 61 Virginis after travelling to their destination for four hundred years. The member’s were able to choose if they wanted to take a genetical treatment which will make them immortal. But the space ship’s room is restricted, so they have to balance their lives with getting children. At their target they find people that left Earth long after their departure, have passed them in transit centuries ago. They are far evolved using robotic bodies or embedded them in a singularity. Once again, the crew has to choose which side to choin.

Review Liu plays with different forms of immortality and humanity. I liked the first one or two iterations of that topic but the next couple of further extrapolations started to get boring and even repetitive.

Meta: isfdb. This SF short story was published December 2012 in Asimov’s. I read it as part of The Paper Menagerie.



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