Seveneves • 2015 • SF novel by Neal Stephenson


Just to contrast the abundant text material of this novel, I’ll make it short:
This should have stopped after part two where the seven eves started their breeding program.
I was too tired to follow most of the orbital mechaniques calculations, the complex descriptions of the vast structures in the third part, and I wasn’t interested in the archetypical characters of the third part which is set some 5,000 years after the Moon was crashed.
In contrast to the third part, the first two weren’t predictable, characters were engaging. Some decisions were questionable, to say the least: Why take a very high risk of failure and go for space when you could expand existing structures deep in the Earth like the Cheyenne Mountain Complex? At least, Earth’s protection against radiation will last, transporting backup material is no problem. Of course, there would be no American Scientific-like descriptions of bolos and orbital mechanique. Oh my,…

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