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Seveneves • 2015 • SF novel by Neal Stephenson

★★★ Just to contrast the abundant text material of this novel, I’ll make it short: This should have stopped after part two where the seven eves started their breeding program. I was too tired to follow most of the orbital … Weiterlesen

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Strigoi • 2012 • SF novelette by Lavie Tidhar

★★★ Are you sick of vampire stories? Then this one isn’t probably the right thing for you, as the eponymous strigoi or Shambleau are data vampires – they empty their victims of their past, living of the intimate memories of their … Weiterlesen

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The Water Knife • 2015 • CliFi novel by Paolo Bacigalupi

★★★★ Bacigalupi is always for basic needs: in the The Windup Girl, people struggle for food, in the Water Knife it is water as the central driver. Southwest U.S. states like Nevada, California, and Arizona depend on their lifeline in … Weiterlesen

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Downfall of the Gods • 2015 • Fantasy novella by K. J. Parker

★★★★★ Synopsis: Lord Archias murdered his long term friend Lysippus, who happened to be the Goddess’s favourite musician, but ironically was also an atheist. Archias was really sorry and did the right thing: Ask for forgiveness at the Temple. But we … Weiterlesen

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The Door into Summer • 1956 • SF novel by Robert A. Heinlein

★★ The story – silly technician looses his garage corporation predictably to greedy woman and former business partner – wasn’t very good with all that implausible back and forth through time and hibernated sleep. RAH rode that SF trope but … Weiterlesen

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