Emergence • 2015 • SF short story by Gwyneth Jones


Synopsis: Romy is a magistrate on Jupiter moons. Some three hundred years ago, she was one of the first to adopt life extending medicines. She left Earth for good, because artificial intelligences weren’t given proper rights and treated like slaves. At an adventurous pursuit of a juvenile A.I., she is exposed to cosmic rays and has to return to Earth to get cured.

Review: An interesting discussion of human rights embedded in a story which covers lots of topics – maybe too many of those like irrational or emotional A.I.s or the problems of overextended human lifes. Jones didn’t manage it to de-anthropomorphize A.I.s, sometimes I didn’t understand why the delinquents weren’t simply humans.

I loved how Romy only slowly realizes how all those abstract discussions concern herself. This is maybe the only one story in the anthology which really touches the concept of infinity.

Meta: isfdb. This SF short story appeared 2015 in Meeting Infinity.


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