Outsider • 2015 • SF novelette by An Owomoyela


Synopsis: An Earth ship with a single woman „Eva“ arrives at main protagonist Mota’s transhuman society. They struggle to understand the cyborg-phobic human Eva who rejects the genetic alterations of Mota’s people.

Review: An interesting society with engineer Mota at the lower end of society and Io as a kind of friendly slaver at the upper side. All of them are connected, their will not completely suppressed but everything is easier when one doesn’t argue with the uppers. Towards the end, it is good to see Mota exerting her free will reflecting some of our real-world cultural challenges.

I just didn’t understand why Eva didn’t act as an ambassador would instead of sabotaging the society.

Meta: isfdb. This SF short story appeared 2015 in Meeting Infinity.


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