A Fantasy Medley 3 • 2015 • Fantasy story anthology by Yanni Kuznia


A Fantasy Medley 3 (preorder) cover

Three of the four stories in this anthology are part of series. It was interesting to compare authors‘ choices how much introduction new readers would need – and thus duplicating well known elements from other stories in the series, which would be boring for readers who know the series already. I found that I couldn’t stand Hearne’s approach – the story was too short, there weren’t enough new elements and in general too much repetition for my taste. The other authors had a well-balanced exposition, but the best was the standalone story from Carey.

A very nice mix of stories that I’d like to recommend. I guess, fans of one of those series might want to get the anthology alone for the respective entries. But it works also very well for readers who don’t want to invest in new series.


  • ★★ • Goddess at the Crossroads • short story by Kevin Hearne from the Iron Druid Chronicles • Atticus and Shakespeare find three witches summoning Hecate • review
  • ★★★ • Ashes • short story by Laura Bickle • Anya Kalinczyk fights Detroit’s Nain Rouge • review
  • ★★★★ • The Death of Aiguillon • novelette by Aliette de Bodard • a magically ruined city of Paris with a war between the Houses of Fallen • review
  • ★★★★ • One Hundred Ablutions • novelette by Jacqueline Carey • a waterbearing slave’s life among aliens • review

Meta: ISFDB, fantasy story anthology edited by Yanni Kuznia for Subterranean Press to be published in December 2015.


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