Ashes • 2015 • Fantasy short story by Laura Bickle


Arson investigator Anya Kalinczyk is working in Detroit Fire Department, more on the magical side than in the regular world. This time, she fights together with her salamander familiar Sparky, and Hades’ Charon a destructive fire elemental, the Nain Rouge, during the annual festival dedicated to this red dwarf.

A very entertaining story revealing some of Anya’s and Charon’s background against a very atmospheric, and lively Detroit setting. This page turner is surely not on the philosophical side of things but a pure action burner. Some interesting turns made it less predictive than I feared, though I found the sidekicks not too well developed or interesting.

I’ll put her novel Embers on my tbr shelf.

Meta: ISFDB. This short story appears 2015 in A Fantasy Medley 3. It is set in the Anya Kalinczyk series.

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