West to East • 2014 • SF shortstory by Jay Lake



A landing crew is trapped on the fascinating ecosphere of a planet with „superrotating atmosphere“, i.e. 900 knot winds, and without hope of getting out. Their only left goal is to get one last message back to their ship in orbit.


This is Jay Lake’s last story, he died in 2014.

Great world-building. It is as much about mortality as about scientific research – the world is not only hostile but also an ecosystem, if you live with and not against it. I found it very moving, especially as it was published postmortem, emphasizing the experiences about death in this story:

“There seemed no reason not to stay in the high, clear air, surfing the beauty of the skies behind our ribbon-eel until something tore free, so I did that thing and smiled.”

Meta: ISFDB. First published Summer 2014 in Subterranean. I’ve read it in The Years Best SF #32. It is available online.


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