In Babelsberg • 2014 • SF shortstory by Alastair Reynolds



Have you ever watched the 1927 movie „Metropolis“ by Fritz Lang (influencing Blade Runner, The Matrix, Batman and others)? Well, this story references the famous studio in Berlin where it has been shot, featuring the opposing A.I. Maria – c.f. the picture. That is, where A.I. Vincent – named after the painter van Gogh – meets a ferocious entertainer in the form of a genetically modified TRex and his adversary Maria.

He has to learn that his „almost obsessive compulsive disorder“ to cartograph and name things led him to a lethal error.


Loving the scenery, the naive Vincent, the confrontation with the TRex and Maria, the poetical contemplation of van Gogh’s painting „Starnight“, the morale implications, and of course Metropolis.

In fact, this is the first story where I include two pictures.

As a side note, Reynolds also wrote a story „Vainglory“ for Strahan’s Edge of Infinity which I really liked.


Meta: ISFDB. First published 2014 in Jonathan Strahan’s Reach for Infinity. I’ve read it in The Years Best SF #32.

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