Bloodchild and Other Stories • 1995 • Collection by Octavia E. Butler


Octavia E. Butler didn’t produce a large amount of shorter works, her favourite length was the novel. This collection gives a good impression to her work.

The stories seem to be hit or miss for me – when she uses phantasical elements or writes SF, I love the stories. But her dramatic writing doesn’t work for me at all, as good as they might be.

Don’t miss Jo Walton’s review @

My favourite ★★★★★ stories were

  • Bloodchild
  • Speech Sounds

Weakest ☆ or ★ stories

  • Crossover
  • Near of Kin


  1. ★★★★★ • “Bloodchild” • 1984 • novelette by Octavia E. Butler • huge insects use human males as child bearers • review
  2. ★★★★ • “The Evening and the Morning and the Night” • 1987 • near SF novelette by Octavia E. Butler  • genetic disease • review
  3. Near of Kin • (1979) • shortstory by Octavia E. Butler • no SF at all, an incest story; didn’t like it.
  4. ★★★★★ • “Speech Sounds” • 1983 • shortstory by Octavia E. Butler  • social breakdown when people loose verbal communication • review
  5. Crossover” • 1971 • shortstory by Octavia E. Butler • no phantastical elements, but dramatic writing; only „meh“, very pessimistic story about a self destructive woman; didn’t work for me.

And two essays: 1989 Positive Obsession and 1993 Furor Scribendi

Meta: isfdb. This collection was published 1995 by Four Walls Eight Windows.

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