The Woman from the Ocean • 2014 • SF short story by Karl Bunker



After a long hibernated travel, a woman called Kali is the last survivor of a crashed spaceship back on Earth. She finds a genetically changed society which no is no longer able to relate to distant persons. Thus, war isn’t possible anymore, but other cultural elements are cut out as well.


The story’s logical background and plotline didn’t convince me at all. Why would main protagonist Kali try to infuse her war-capable gems into humanity once again? I don’t believe, that such a genetic modification would be possible when openly communicated – and such it was, because Kali knows about the backgrounds. I don’t believe in removing humanity’s concept of ‘us’ and ‘them’ would make the world a better place.

Too many rough ideas that should have carved out in more details for my taste – Karl Bunker shouldn’t have taken the easy path but invest a good bit more into this potentially good subject.


Meta: isfdb. This SF short story was published July 2014 in Asimov’s. I read it as part of The Year’s Best SF #32.



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