The Rider • 2014 • Near SF novelette by Jérôme Cigut



Luke Gianfaria is a partner – aka rider – of one of the most advanced AIs called David. Luke helps David in his struggle for supremacy against a Hong Kong setting. But then he is hunted, and the game changes.


Fine enough Cyberpunkish world-building with AI culture and hierarchies. I found the internal communication of AI and his rider interesting. The human characters are drawn very good, the fast paced plot flows nicely. I didn’t like the pacing with a bit infodump, a boring poker play, and a long flashback.

The idea of AIs using humans as tools to interact with the real world instead of the other way round is nothing new but was set in scene very good.

You might want to read a background interview at SFSite.

Meta: isfdb. This Near SF novelette was published September 2014 in The Magazine of SF&F.



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