Has Anybody Seen Junie Moon? • 1999 • Short story by Gene Wolfe



A dim-witted but sympathetic strongman searches for the legendary „White Cow Moon“ – a satellite with a very low orbit – with his friend, Junie Moon.


Here, the unreliable narrator comes in the form of dumbness, he simply doesn’t understand everything he perceives. I loved the setting with modern Arthurian grail hunters, and the Green Knight popping up. In addition, Greco-Roman mythology jumps around in this story with Hercules as the strongman’s stagename. In the end, I didn’t understand what the story wanted me to say, though it was nicely told.

Meta: isfdb. This fantasy short story by Gene Wolfe was published 1999 in the anthology Moon Shots. I read it as part of the collection The Best of Gene Wolfe.



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