Bed and Breakfast • 1996 • Fantasy short story by Gene Wolfe



The first brilliant line grabbed my instantly:

I know an old couple who live near Hell.

A man regularly stops at a B&B which is located near hell. He gives protection to a beautiful woman,  spends a passionate night with her, talks to a demon.


Dialogue, setting, and those characters bound me to the narration. One wonders about the true motivations of the characters: Is the woman a runaway from hell? Is the demon sent to get her back or to win over his soul? Or is he simply a mad man, nothing of all is true? The story draws strength from the inconclusive ending: Whill he call her?

Meta: isfdb. This fantasy short story by Gene Wolfe was published 2000 in his collection Strange Travelers. I read it as part of the collection The Best of Gene Wolfe.


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