Edge of Infinity • 2012 • SF anthology by Jonathan Strahan


51iTV2acCJL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg (224×346)

Summary: 18 views at a “industrialised, colonised Solar System during a time when starflight is yet to emerge, and imagines life in the hottest places close to our star, and in the coldest, most distant corners of our home.“ It is a setting which was defined previously, most recently in novel form with the great 2312 from Kim Stanley Robinson. The terrific lineup of authors include names like Bruce Sterling, Elizabeth Bear, Alastair Reynolds, or James S.A. Corey. It is Strahan’s second anthology installation of what he calls “Fourth Generation of SF” which started with Engineering of Infinity (2010) and was carried on with Reach for Infinity (2014). All of the stories feel plausible and are different.

I seldom find anthologies containing no bad story at all. I liked nearly all of the stories, some were great. That deserves 5 stars.

My favourite ★★★★★ stories were

  • The Girl-Thing Who Went Out For Sushi by Pat Cadigan
  • Swift as a Dream and Fleeting as a Sigh by John Barnes
  • The Peak of Eternal Light by Bruce Sterling

no story with ☆ or ★


  • ★★★★★ • The Girl-Thing Who Went Out For Sushi” • novelette by Pat Cadigan • review
  • ★★★ • “The Deeps of the Sky” • short story by Elizabeth Bear • alien mining a gas planet’s troposphere for a dowry • review
  • ★★★★ • “Drive” • Expanse prequel by by James S. A. Corey • the invention of the Epstein drive • review
  • ★★★ • “The Road to NPS” •  short story by Sandra McDonald and Stephen D. Covey • road-trip on Europa • review
  • ★★★★1/2 • “Swift as a Dream and Fleeting as a Sigh” • short story by John Barnes • near-singularity AI working as psychologist • review
  • ★★★ • Macy Minnot’s Last Christmas on Dione, Ring Racing, Fiddler’s Green, the Potter’s Garden • shortstory by Paul J. McAuley • review
  • ★★★ • “Safety Tests • short story by Kristine Kathryn Rusch • a day in the live of a spacepilot test instructor • review
  • ★★★ •  “Bricks, Sticks, Straw” • short story by Gwyneth Jones •  remote-controlled A.I.s loose connection  • review
  • ★★★1/2  • “Tyche and the Ants” • short story by Hannu Rajaniemi • review
  • ★★ • “Obelisk” • short story by Stephen Baxter •  how to build a huge obelisk on Mars • review
  • ★★★1/2 • “Vainglory” • short story by Alastair Reynolds • asteroids used as sculpture material • review
  • ★★1/2 • “Water Rights” • short story by An Owomoyela • water runs dry in a orbital station • review
  • ★★★★1/2 • “The Peak of Eternal Light” • novelette by Bruce Sterling • bicycling on Mercury • review

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