The Road to NPS • 2012 • Science Fiction short story by Sandra McDonald and Stephan D. Covey


Meta: isfdb. This SF short story appeared 2012 in Edge of Infinity.

Synopsis:  Rahiti wins a contract to haul a load of cargo across frozen Jupiter Moon Europa in record time. He gambles more years of indentured work for his company versus returning to Hawai to see his wife. Stakes are high, his paranoia not in vain as he looses his co-driver to an accident, finds a stowaway, even indigenious lifeforms and other surprises.

Review:  The story tells in a very believable way the struggles of a working man on an adventurous road-trip with a nicely portrayed stowaway girl. Its setting could be replaced with some 19th century American frontier and would work equally fine. The tension could have been reduced a bit instead of piling hazard after hazard without giving away any emotional connection to the protagonists. Solid, traditional story-telling, not bad at all, but also nothing lasting longer.

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