The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi • 2012 • Science Fiction novelette by Pat Cadigan


Meta: isfdb. This SF novelette appeared November 2012 in Edge of Infinity. It won the 2013 Hugo and Locus award.

Cadigan tells the story set a couple of generations in the future solar system from the perspective of a transhuman octopus – one form of the eponymous „sushi“ – mining, building and cleaning up around Jupiter’s orbit. It is about stellar politics – the inner „Dirt“ planets versus the outer sushi planets and in-between Jupiter. But also about tolerance and racism – only featherless bipeds are allowed to work as medicines and on the other hands it is fashionable to be a nautilus as a lawyer. These two themes get into the moving when a large comet is expected to hit the gas planet and one former beauty queen wants to get surgically transformed to sushi-form. I love Cadigan’s relaxed characterizations and atmosphere sprinkled with jargon and interesting ideas that make you think a while after closing the last page. Cadigan seems to write way out of her usual comfort zone but she does manage it formidable. A grand world-building, nice prose and very good tension arc.

As I heared, Cadigan is currently working on a novel based on the novelette. I’ll definitely buy that one. After all, I love sushi!

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